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I’ve been having a really fun time playing around with a new series. Basically mushrooms and sea creatures.

It started with this one. I wanted to play with a tattoo idea i had. For some time now, I’ve wanted an octopus or a squid tattoo. There has also been sort of a running joke around here that I’ve come up with the most Polish way to kill someone: namely feeding them mushroom pierogi with poisonous mushrooms. Alternately the pierogi are a decoy and you actually dehydrated the mushrooms into powder and hid them in the taco seasonings. Regardless amanita mushrooms have been sort of associated with me lately among those near and dear to me.

a group of red mushrooms with white dots, and a blue tentacle reaching out and pulling one down.

Some are more cutesy in nature, like a little blue Jellyfish who found some friends.

Amanita mushrooms with small blue jellyfish

I’ve been really enjoying looking at lovely water creatures and gorgeous mushrooms.

Blue leaflike mushrooms and a betta fish
Sunset coloured mushrooms and flatworm

My piece de resistance however has to be the Morel Compass.


If only because the pun is fun.

Not only does art make a great gift for people in this holiday season but buying art would help Alyssa and I actually have a chance to get each other gifts.

Feed an Artist, Buy Some Art

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