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Earlier this week in SW Asia, a group of peaceful protesters were assaulted by officers of the state, wielding powerful water cannons. Health officials have stated that given the regions severe climate, the protesters are at severe risk of impairment and even death due to severe hypothermia.

This takes place just weeks after the election of a radical new regime, whose fascist campaign promises raised alarms from historians who warn of the potential for genocide in this unstable region – where an already highly militarized police force has been known to harass and kill minority populations. The election has already generated increased acts of violence and terrorism, raising concerns about what is to come after the newly elected party, which represents the more conservative adherents of the major religion, takes office.

The current government in the meantime has launched missile strikes against hospitals in Syria, killing many civilians, including women, children, and elderly patients. This is just the latest in an ongoing series of attacks on Aleppo, which has left the region without functioning hospitals. Meanwhile, hundreds of refugees are fleeing the region seeking asylum in nearby countries. While Qumar itself has taken in some of the refugees, there are wide reports of racist propaganda being used to gain support for the prevention of taking in any more, and many have reported being the victims of violence and harassment.

Back in more local Qumari news, one of the country’s outlying states primarily occupied by the country’s minority populations continues to exist in a state of emergency, after local water sources were all contaminated with lead two years ago. The majority-occupied state government has shown no indication of their intent to solve the problem going on record saying that even the stopgap measure of delivering bottled water to affected areas was “too much of a nuisance.” Meanwhile area hospitals are overrun with children suffering from severe lead poisoning and related side effects, prompting some to wonder why the UN and Red Cross have not intervened.

Pretty terrifying isn’t it? Doesn’t it just make you want to stop it? The things going on in this country sound like the results of a terrible system of racism. We’ve seen similar things in Saddam Houssain’s Iraq with the Kurds, and in many other places. We’ve used such atrocities as an excuse to invade.

The Kingdom of Qumar doesn’t exist. It is a made up country used as a stand in on West Wing. All of the news is real though, only it isn’t taking place in South Western Asia, or in places some consider the Middle East. Instead, it is going on in the United States. Native protesters in North Dakoda were sprayed with high powered water cannons. They were also targeted with concussive grenades. Journalists in particular are being targeted in the head with so called non-lethal rounds.

Flint, Michigan is continuing to experience a state of emergency. The water is tainted with lead. The same water that is used to bathe in, cook with, and drink. While it made the news briefly, water donations helped alleviate some of the burden but donations have since dried up. the state in the meantime is arguing that distributing clean water to the residence is too much of a burden. People can’t move away because they can’t sell their properties legally. The United States is supposed to be a country of freedom. It is the richest country in the world, and yet at this very moment there are children sick from lead poisoning caused by an infrastructure problem and it’s been allowed to continue for over two years? How? Why?

At the same time, across the states, Police officers are becoming increasingly shameless about murdering black people. Children are being shot and killed. Children. Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage?

We’ve seen people arrange to have people fired and publicly ostracized for killing animals, and yet when people are dying, when children are dying, on camera even, the public outcry is curiously silent from those who may not be affected as a population.

It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which a government orchestrated internment and genocide could take place because it is already happening on a smaller scale all across the US.

The rights that people have fought for and died for in just the last hundred years are being eroded and taken away.

This is not the time to “wait and see”. This is not the time to “give” hateful rhetoric “a chance”. Now is the time to rise up and state our values. To say: this is not OK and needs to stop or WE WILL MAKE IT STOP.

Before it is too late.

Paying Attention
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6 thoughts on “Paying Attention

    1. 1.1

      I mean, I understand the sentiment, but it’s not just about hating what is going on.

      Even people who love the US should be concerned about what it is becoming and fight back to bring it back to what it could and should be.

      1. I never cared.

        I never cared about what America is or whatever the hell it wants to be. America is just a piece of land to me. Look, if you want my philosophy, countries are only as free as the people who make them up. There is no such thing as an inherently free nation.

        My point still stands that this piece of land is full of piss-ants. I’m white and I hate white people. I’m autistic and I hate neurotypicals and allistics. I question my sexuality and I hate straight and cis people. I’m agnostic who grew up Methodist and I hate Christians. I’m southern and I hate rednecks. Go ahead and tell me that I am no better than anyone else who hates then, but do you really think I’m doing it on a whim?

        Why in the flaming hell should ANYBODY ever be entitled to freedom after committing atrocities like us? Why should this country, which is an idea and nothing more, ever be allowed to be itself when it made and continues to make a living on genocide, slavery, and oppression? The thought of blood for blood is the only thing that has kept me going to this day. The thought that one day this waste of a nation will finally get its comeuppance is my driving force.

        Do I sound like an edgelord right now? I don’t give a damn.

        I hate my freedom. I don’t know whether or not I would be happier being told honestly that I am a slave, but I hate my freedoms. America’s brand of freedom is the single most childish concept of freedom I have entertained or been forced to entertain. The idea that we can or even have to do whatever in the hell he want without consequences. Freedom of speech is bullshit and it got us to where we are right now and I would be happier without it. That’s right, I said it, freedom of speech enables terrorism and fascism.

        Forget nuking, America is long overdue for a second world ending flood.

        I hate this waste of land.

        And I am proud.

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