Modesty Style Alert!

Men, I know that after reading my post about Summer immodesty, you were left wondering how you can enjoy the warm weather the way Jesus intended. Thanks to a loyal Mandesty reader, I have an answer for you!  Yes, for just $29.99 (US) you can have fun in the sun and safeguard your soul!



Look at how happy this young man is! 


I know you may ask: “But what about wetsuits?” Unfortunately wetsuits are not modest. They cling to the body and while some styles cover the extremities, there are others which don’t.

Wetsuits aren’t a modest option!

Wetsuit? More like slutsuit!

Modesty Style Alert!

Media and Immodesty


Ignoring the smuttiness of this photo, he has his laptop AND he’s using his phone for a “selfie”. These young men are so obsessed with social media they don’t interact with the outside world. Because they’re so starved for attention they post these types of photos.

Young men, your fathers failed you. But I am here, and I want you to know that you’re all beautiful and you don’t need to show your body.

It also seems that not only do we have to worry about Calvin Klein, but we also have this Armani fellow to consider. I do so hope Armani isn’t well known.

Media and Immodesty