Self respect is the perfect gift


Oh boy today’s immoral man is a doozy.
Let’s break it down
Selfie/mirror picture: Men now a days are so narcissistic. Constantly taking pictures of themselves. They’re also so lacking in self-esteem that they post the pictures to get attention. The narcissism rears its head again when the young man flexes his muscles.

Notice the devil pillow (what is it with pillows?!). This young man is being manipulated by the devil himself. And the devil is brazen as to let himself be known. This is what we’re fighting, fellow mandesty crusaders!

I do hope this young man got some self-respect for his birthday. I see by the airport tag on that suitcase on the left hand side of the photo that this man travels. So, I hope he now passes on the virtues of self-respect to other boys and men.

Self respect is the perfect gift
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