Help Support Fantastic Colouring Book

A friend of mine has put together a kickstarter to help fund the creation of an amazing colouring book.

Her work blends the macabre and the fantastical. It’s stunning and really deserves to get made. If you are able and willing, consider donating to it. If not, please share the link to help a great artist get her start.

Octopus on skull
horned owl sitting atop a skull
fox with skull

Help Support Fantastic Colouring Book
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2 thoughts on “Help Support Fantastic Colouring Book

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    Has your friend thought about partnering with universities to provide coloring books for student safe spaces? They can really use the help right now. Just this week someone chalked Trump’s name all over campus at Emory University, and a lot of the students still haven’t recovered. I know I wouldn’t! I’m not even close to Georgia, but as a rape survivor I don’t feel safe knowing there are people like this who will violently support misogynists.

    1. 1.1

      I think right now the main focus is on getting it done. She’s like many of us in that she is struggling and trying to survive as well.
      That’s not a bad suggestion though and I will pass it on.

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