Hi! We’re Out of This World!

Alyssa and Ania Splain You A Thing is our blog where we discuss social justice, disability, poverty, feminism, gender identity, history, medical marijuana, and geography and how they relate to politics, talk about fish (yes really), and a whole host of other fun and interesting things.

Not just that but Ania and Alyssa are good people in their own rights. If you want to learn more about us specifically, feel free to check out our “Who Are We” page.

Alternately, here are a few highlights that should give you some idea of who we are as writers:

Ania Bula: 

Book: Young, Sick, and Invisible: A Skeptic’s Journey with Chronic illness (May, 2016 Release Date)

Top Blog Posts:

Alyssa Gonzalez: 

Top Blog Posts:

You should also check out her pages, where Alyssa collects similarly-themed posts:

  • Animal Form and Function: Eight sets of images, videos, and anecdotes Alyssa uses as instructional aids during a lab course she teaches every winter.  She takes this time to introduce her students to the weird and wonderful animals that populate each group they encounter during the course.
  • Apocalypse of the Week: Various groups, religious and otherwise, around the world have quarter-baked ideas about how the world will end, and they are usually pricelessly funny.  Alyssa lampoons twelve of them in this series.
  • Shifty Lines: Many world conflicts are at least partially caused by post-colonial borders failing to reflect the on-the-ground reality of which people see themselves as a distinct group from which other people, with their own national identity.  This series explores various world conflicts through this lens, and imagines what the world might look like if a serious effort were made to solve them with this in mind.
  • Quotidian Science: Alyssa occasionally writes about science in a way that tries to bring the specialist’s thinking to people outside of specialized fields.  Whether it’s evolutionary biology, aquarium keeping, pest control, or non-Euclidian geometry, those posts are here.

The Fur Babies Say Hello!

Grey schnoodle holding pink octapus
This is Tsuki. She is our older schnoodle at 11 years old. She has some anxiety issues, but she is a cuddle bug and sweetie.
Little Chihuahua puppy
This is little CJ. She has a big job ahead of her. One day she is going to be Ania’s service dog and help her know when she needs to take her meds, or take a nap, and sometimes it’s her job to help her mommy feel better. She’s still a baby right now, so for now, we’ll just focus on the naps.
Black and White Kitty
This is Agora. She knows she is fabulous. She keeps the dogs in line, but is always down for a snuggle and some nice head scratches.

Watson, our little black kitty has declined having her picture taken at this time. She wants to be purrfect.

The fish and turtles promised to appear later.

Hi! We’re Out of This World!

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    Hey! Nice to see you here. *smiles & waves*

    I have a problem that might require attention from Jason, if it’s not just me: I can’t see any of what I assume are photos of animals in this blog post. Can others see them?

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