Why Disability is a Feminist Issue

TW for discussions of Rape

  • Because the likelihood of having my symptoms taken seriously is increased if I present male
  • Because the statistics on the risk of sexual assault and rape for people with disabilities have been listed as high as 80%.
  • Because I’ve been told that my rape doesn’t count because it involved a doctor and a medical instrument.
  • Because I’ve been told that people with disabilities can’t be raped because no one wants to have sex with them.
  • Because discussions about body positivity never seem to include sick and damaged bodies.
  • Because the social concept of “sexiness” excludes those of us with physical disability.
  • Because my bodily autonomy being in question puts my life at risk.
  • Because the standard doses, side effects, and risks for my medication were not determined with my body in mind but was based on how cis males (usually white) reacted.
  • Because my symptoms were ignored for years because of medically assumptions about cis female bodies that turned out to be false.
  • Because the first question whenever I go into the hospital is always “Are you sure you are not pregnant”. Always.
  • Because every medical form I’ve ever seen only gives me the options male or female under gender.
  • Because even sex positive folk rarely discuss the difficulties faced by disabled people when it comes to sex: physical issues, the need for preparation, the desexualisation we face by society, etc.

If you have more reasons, I would love to hear them in the comments. If you are a person of colour, I would love to hear reasons why disability is also a race issue.

Why Disability is a Feminist Issue

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