*cackles in black girl pettiness*

What do you get when you add:

1 Mosque

1 Group of Anti-Muslim bigots with guns

1 Group of Nation of Islam protectors.  With guns.

Answer: A story that is still making me laugh.  Holy balls.

And it’s in Texas, because of course it is.

Racial tensions in South Dallas almost exploded at an anti-mosque protest Saturday afternoon before quickly dissolving when the protesters retreated.

A few hundred South Dallas residents, mostly black, flooded Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to oppose a planned demonstration by a mostly white group that routinely protests outside mosques.

Both sides were armed.

Damn skippy. This is an amazing show of solidarity.

I can stop giggling long enough to acknowledge that one other group there, the New Black Panther Party (not to be confused with the original BPP, who were fucking heroes to their neighborhoods) are recongized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for being really anti-Semitic, which is the opposite of okay. So fuck those guys.

Commences the giggles again.

But the other group joining the NOI in this effort? The Huey P Newton Gun Club. That name alone makes me want to grab a .22 (the only gun I’m even remotely decent with firing ) and find a mosque to defend.

…if the thought of actually shooting a human didn’t make me sick to my stomach.

But other than that, though, this is amazing.  This is hysterical.  It’s like white people don’t seem to realize that when they cry out for the right to open carry so they can protect themselves, they’re also giving the OTHER races the same right.  And when they see that right being exercised, the fucking cowards run.

*cackles in black girl pettiness*