Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

So, this happened: 2016-03-20 06-39-45


To translate, it’s a Tweet from Breitbart’s “Technical” writer Milo Yiannopoulos that says:

LADIES: If you use any of the following words hot men will stop hitting on you:

  • privilege
  • cis
  • genderqueer
  • poly
  • nonbinary
  • fluid
  • feminist

One second, I need to stop giggling.  This is ridiculous and it makes me wonder yet again if this is some elaborate trolling attempt. But I know better, and the giggles turn into a deep painful sigh and a roll of the eyes. Oh look, I can see my brain.

First off, Milo, honey, we already have a problematic gay man who dishes out relationship advice.  We don’t need another and we certainly don’t need advice this wrong.

Secondly, *clears throat*

*to the tune of the William Tell Overture*

Privilege Privilege Privi-cis cis cis

Genderqueer Genderqueer cis cis cis cis

Feminist Feminist Nonbinary

Fluid, fluid and poly



Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

About My Comment Policy…

I love getting comments that complain about my policy.  It’s like reading my blog is mandatory and commenting is a right I’m violating.  And it seems that since my move to Orbit, some of the Known Quantities who I blocked on my WordPress blog are attempting to comment here.

Weird.  Just because I change houses don’t mean you’re suddenly invited to the new place.  But that would require not being an entitled bag of rotten genitals.

But then I got this comment sitting in moderation, and my own reaction was to start laughing.  It’s been a strange first week here, and I really needed this.


Identifying information blurred out because they don’t need any more attention than this post

So, let’s crank up the Kpop and engage in the other thing I enjoy doing here on Seriously?!? – mock.

This is probably going to be my one and only comment on this page,

Oh thank fuck for that. But to make extra sure you remain gone, I’ve blocked your email and IP address.

but I find this whole situation with The Orbit perplexing. The point was to, what? Switch over to another network in an effort to get rid of all of the bad vibes from Freethought Blogs?

You’re barking up the wrong tree.  I’ve never been on FtB except as one of the many folks in the comment sections. So, yeah.

But if that was the point, then why bring those bad vibes over to the new site?


I’m not even sure what “bad vibes” even mean? Some of the same bloggers? The new kids in the class like moi? The same shitty people who’ve been trying to comment here that were blocked over there?

Whatever. Next!

I was hoping that actual conversations, debate, could finally take place, but sadly it seems the same old moderation policy is in effect even here.

WAH! I thought the rules would have changed to allow me to shit all over your home because you moved!

See, I was going to write something about Mark Schierbecker (since I suspected you liked feedback being there’s a comment section and all)

Yes, because I have a comment section, I just HAVE to allow the same tiresome fucking arguments.  I’d apologize, but I don’t give a shit.

but if I’m just going to be banned (or ‘shooed’) for having a dissenting opinion then what’s the use?

And yet, you decided to attempt to pass a comment through here anyway. It’s not dissenting options I shoo away, but, to quote the comment policy:

If you are a known quantity for being dull, or tedious, or shopping your tired ass arguments to every space available, I will snarkily reply and then ban you.  You want a place to spew your shit?  Start your own blog, I will happily ignore it.

And also:

Don’t bore me. That means avoid tired ass arguments if you’re gonna have a problem with what I write.  This ain’t my first do-si-do with these issues, I’ve more than likely have heard your shit before, and your “education” isn’t welcome.

Them’s the rules, folks.  It’s not like I didn’t warn you.

So, farewell, yet another Known Quantity. Your contributions to discourse here will be missed.





About My Comment Policy…

“Self-entitled ungratereful fuckoff”


I was called such just yesterday because I wouldn’t specifically “show some gratitude” for this person’s ‘gift’ of my public assistance. That was their goodbye after constant demands that I say ‘thank you’ and showed ‘gratitude’.


In my typical style, I informed him just what I was going to show:

Show My Ass

…and the conversation further deteriorated from there, leading to the above huffy departure.

One can only be dehumanized but for so long before politeness goes right out the fucking window, and as I’ve warned my compatriots here at Orbit, I have no professional face.

And yes, expecting a ‘thank you’ from folks on welfare for the pittance part of your taxes that goes to us is pretty damned entitled, so holy pot and kettle and shit.

In light of the article I posted two days ago and this current POS from some shithead from Alabama who thinks welfare recipients shouldn’t have a car, but should somehow be able to get to work, I have only one thing to say to those who feel that we on public assistance should allow such limitations to our person in gratitude for even getting the “gift” assistance.

Do you understand now?

If I give you a sweater as a gift, I don’t get to also tell you how to wear it, when to wear it, and what to wear it with. It’s a fucking gift, once it hits your hands, it’s yours to do with as you will.

If my $380 is a ‘gift’, then you don’t get to say shit about what I do with it. You don’t give a homeless person $5 and then watch them go to the coffee shop to get a cuppa or some food.  Once you give someone money, unless there is an assumption of some sort of contract, you can take your opinions about how it’s spent and shove it.

These laws limiting how people can use the cash part of their assistance, and what food they can buy with their SNAP, are bullshit. It’s treating people who are already down on their luck like wayward children who are bad at money.  I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating because I keep running into total douchejacks who treat their tax money the same way Gollum treated the goddamn One Ring.

We are people. We are human.  We have needs like everyone else. We have needs for leisure, recreation, fun in our lives too. Once that money hits our cards, it’s ours to spend. Are some on PA bad with money and make shit decisions? Yeah, but so do people who get paychecks, and I don’t see any initiative for their bosses to tell them exactly what to do with that money.

For fuck’s sake, we don’t get much in the first place.  Unless we have a legally listed reason, we can only get assistance 36 months in total IN A LIFETIME. Life sucks too much under PA, and these assholes not only want our tongue up their asses in gratitude, but to allow lawmakers to chip away at what we’re already get.

It’s enough to make a person just a little…cranky.


No, taxpayers, my mouth is too busy trying to educate about how poverty actually works in America, to kiss your ass and grovel.  I’m poor.  I am not LESS than you. If I decide to spend my $200 in non-food money on a MAC makeup shopping spree, it’s mine to do so.  The penalty of not having money for bus fare, pads, lotion, hair moisturizer, etc. is my penalty to suffer.  NOT YOURS. If I use my $180 SNAP allotment on pricey steaks and seafood, then the penalty is not having money for eggs and milk and cereal and avocados (yes, I buy avocados. Bite me). NOT YOURS.

Natural consequences are enough, we don’t need laws limiting our access to punish us, fuck you very much.

As for attempting to shove us into jobs by shoving us out of welfare, it’s the ultimate in ignorant cruelty. I’ve mentioned already that as long as we have an unemployment rate above 0%, we will need public assistance. As long as day care costs more than what some can make in a year working, we will need public assistance. When you make it more difficult to get and keep welfare, you’re not forcing people to choose work, you’re resigning people to hunger and homelessness (AND THEIR CHILDREN, but fuck them, right?). The vast majority of people aren’t on welfare because they don’t want to work; they’re on it because they can’t make ends meet.

But as long as the “lazy lifetime” welfare stereotype persists, as long as people share stories that their brother’s cousin’s hairdresser’s nephew’s husband saw someone with a smartphone and an Escalade buy lobster with an EBT card, as long as the general public refuses to educate themselves on how poorer folk actually live (AND UPDATE THEIR FUCKING INFO, FUCK!), then laws like these will continue to be proposed and passed.

Because, everyone say it with me: “Poor people aren’t people”.

Whew, I want to not talk about this for a little while, and after that long FB fight, I need something to make me feel better. Oh Xiumin?

Much, much better
Much, much better, you beautiful creature


“Self-entitled ungratereful fuckoff”

This Fucking Guy

So, since the launch of The Orbit, the usual subjects have been chittering away about nonsense. Since I’m a relative unknown, I don’t get most of that nonsense, so I can’t and won’t comment for now.

But then I got this screenshot:

Calling you on your bullshit isn't an "attack", Mark.
Calling you on your bullshit isn’t an “attack”, Mark.

Oh bother.  I’m going to have to rehash this shit again for those new to me and new to what this guy’s problem is.  Again, because I’ve already talked about it last November and since then, I’ve been updated by the awesome Diana B of Kansas City Freethinkers about his case against the professor who assaulted his precious camera, all caught on edited film (would love to see the full 22 minutes, instead of the 6 that got shown on Fox News and Breitbart).

Such updates include offering to drop the case if she sat down for a recorded talk with him about free speech, for example. Between that and the fuckery that was at Skepticon, it seems that he really does seem more interested in himself than anything resembling the issue of racism at Mizzou.

Mr. Schierbecker, it’s past time to let this shit go. If you actually gave half a damn about your fellow students of color, you should really quit whining about being “attacked” and actually show some support. Stop making this about you, and about the freedom of the press/typical misunderstanding of free speech (which by your own admission was more of your freedom to not wait until an official press conference to get your fucking photos).

You weren’t being attacked when blog posts, including mine, were written to point out what an ass you were being. You were being criticized, and I really wish people would learn the fucking difference already. It makes you sound entitled as hell and if you can’t see the irony of a white guy complaining about not being able to shove his way into the privacy of black folks, then you never will. Your claim to being “attacked” is about as strong as your claim that a little camera shove and a call for “muscle” (who didn’t even touch you, or I’m sure you would have mentioned it) is “assault”.

For those just tuning in and wondering when all of this started, behold the video of his supposed Q and A at Skepticon 8:

And that’s all I have to say about it.  For now.


(And before you comment, please do have a gander at my comment policy, lest you find your comment not even seen.  My blog, my rules.)

This Fucking Guy

No, Hoteps, I Do Not “Overstand” Your Nonsense

I’d thought I’d start off the party with something light and cute, just to lure new readers into a sense of peace and calm, thinking “This Niki person is rather delightful” and then SLAM BAM right into the dropping of the f bombs and creative uses of the word “douche”.

Then I was introduced to YADA this week.


And that was the point where I decided to say “Fuck it, give ’em a full blast in the face of some serious Seriously?!?”

Well, yes, YADA, if you starve yourself enough, your periods will indeed stop.  But we call that anorexia, and that’s a disorder.

Then I discovered more people, mostly cismen, who seem to believe that having a menstrual period is unnatural.

Yep, that would be another dude telling a woman that periods are unnatural. It’s even in a book, so you know it’s facts!

Oh wait! There’s some words of wisdom for cismen about proper ejaculations and their heartrate. Auuuum, come with the earth, fellas!

Just another day in Hotep Land, where Ashy Ankh Negros romp and play.

(EDITED TO ADD: Now don’t get Hotepery mixed up with Afrocentrism.  One can celebrate and honor our ancestry without going all the way to the extreme “White People are the Devil, cleanse your third eye, brother” side.  Hat tip to Negrodamus for pointing that out in the comments)

What’s a Hotep, you may ask? Take the sheer fuckery from white supremacists, mix a bunch of Egyptian symbols that are poorly misunderstood, add spoonfuls of misguided black pride, throw in cups and cups of misogyny and homophobia, a dash of fucked understanding of science and medicine and the English language, and then drop it off a cliff. The resulting mess is Hotep.

These folks (because there are women who subscribe to this shit) claim to know about the roots of our African ancestry and must inform us all of how brainwashed they are by the white man. They take #StayWoke to extreme levels, trying to wake us all up with nonsense.  They hide their hatred of women and the celebration of toxic masculinity behind the concept of “getting back to our roots”.  It’s pretty sad and infuriating as fuck.

Misogyny (or specifically misogynoir)

Hoteps claim to looooove black women.  We are queens (or Kweens?). Our wombs are where nations can be built. We are the rock the “blakk” man can rely on in this struggle.

As long as we don’t speak up for ourselves. Or dress sexy for ourselves. Or refuse to put up with their shit. Or expect more out of men. Or are lesbians or bisexual but unwilling to do threesomes with them and another woman (cause that’s hawt). Or claim that a black man raped them.

Then we’re at best, brainwashed and at worst, agents working for the white man to bring the blakk man down.  It’s fucked.

And they do engage in basic misogyny too. By bedding women of other races, it’s like poking the “whyte” man in the eye. But heaven forbid a black woman date someone of another race, that’s bringing the downfall of the black race.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is all about uplifting the black man at the expense of everyone else.

Toxic Masculinity

Are you a trans woman? Then you’re unnatural, feminized, affected by the society that tries to feminize black men.

Are you a trans man? Then you’re trying to suppress the black man by “trying to be a man”.

Are you gay? Are you a cisman who cares for his kids or enjoys things that are tagged ‘feminine’? Then you can see where I’m going here.

For people who claim that being stereotyped is terrible, they cling to the image of a roughnecked oversexed manly man.  A man who engages in “nation building” aka sleep with a lot of women to make babies for them to care for while the man continues to, well, build nations. A man who is tough, not in touch with his emotions, answers insults with violence. Toxic all around.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is also about allowing black men to be irresponsible asshats.

Misunderstanding of Science and History

You really want to get a good hard look at Hotepery? Watch the series Hidden Colors. Well, first, get really, really drunk (or high, if you’re able) first and then watch this ahistorical piece of garbage.  I’m aware that we’re not exactly represented in history classes, but making up shit like “black people never lived in caves, like white people did” isn’t the way.  According to the first two videos in this series, nearly everything good in the world was made by black or mixed people.  EVERYTHING.

Oh right, and they dip their brains into Egyptian religion and artistry and claim it’s our heritage.  It’s like they either forgot or have no idea that the slave trade of our ancestors came from west Africa.  Egypt isn’t in west Africa, but telling them that would prove my brainwashing.  It’s already bad enough that I’m partnered with a white man.

As for medicine? It drips with pseudoscience, as you can see from the top image. Periods are unnatural, cauliflower doesn’t contain carbon, relaxers get into your brain, single mothers make their sons gay, and so on.  Essential oils can cure everything, white science developed AIDS to depopulate black people…

…hold on, that shit is one of the reasons why there is so much AIDS denialism in Africa.  Fuck these guys.

You name a psuedoscience, and you can find a Hotep promoting it in the name of healing ‘our’ people from white man’s medicine.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is about twisting what we’ve learned to suit their fucked up agenda.

In Conclusion

Fuck these guys.  Again. Fuck their disrespect of black women, fuck their support of the toxic masculinity that is killing themselves and trans women of color, fuck their lack of understanding of science, fuck their lack of understanding of ANYTHING.

Fuck their abuse of English, with substituting “EYE” for “I” and “overstand” for “understand”. Fuck their insistence on calling other people ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ like attempting to establish a kinship would make their bullshit go down easier – also, we’re not at church.

The best way to combat this shit is to laugh at them. As frustrating and condescending as they can be, they don’t have nearly as much power as they claim to be.




No, Hoteps, I Do Not “Overstand” Your Nonsense

Trans Women in the Loo

(I’d say trans people, but let’s face it, most of the people behind these bathroom bills give much more of a fuck about trans women because ZOMG penis then for trans men. But the risks of assault and arrest for everyone is shitty.)

Thanks to encouragement by some groups for cis men to walk into the ladies room and show off their best helicopter dick, here is a short list of things conservative and TERFs think trans women want to do in the loo:

  • Whip out their dicks
  • Molest ‘real’ women and girls
  • Get man cooties all over “women’s” spaces.


Here’s what trans women actually want to be able to do in the loo:

  • What everyone else is doing.


And in case you’re unclear, that’s

  • Pee
  • Poop
  • Wash hands
  • Check hair
  • Check makeup
  • Check clothes
  • Change a baby
  • Accompany a little kid who needs to pee/poop
  • Sit on a toilet seat and cry


And hey, because trans women are people too, let’s go for the not so savory things people do in the bathrooms:

  • Snort coke
  • Smoke weed
  • Bone a stranger you just met at the club/bar
  • Get into a hair pulling fight with some so-and-so taking up too much space at the mirror
  • Drunkenly make new friends they’ll promptly forget
  • Puke


…And that’s all.  That’s it.  Not so scary, huh?



Trans Women in the Loo

I Got Nothing, Y’all

No Charges for Cleveland Police Officers in Shooting Death of 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice.


I got nothing but tears and rage right now.  This boy was executed and lied about.  His murders not only walk free, but with badges and jobs intact. Tamir’s mother and sister will have that wound, that loss, for the rest of their lives.

All because our children, our black children, are never treated like children.  A 12-year-old with a toy gun becomes a dangerous armed suspect in the eyes of our racist police system.  And that system becomes judge, jury and executioner in a matter of seconds.  SECONDS.

Look at this child.  LOOK AT HIM.

Tamir Rice


I don’t care if he was tall, I don’t care if the gun didn’t have some sort of “I’m not real” indicator.  I don’t care.  THIS IS A CHILD. And now he is dead, and will have no real justice for his murder.

We have failed him.  As a country, we have failed Tamir.

I’m sorry, kid.  I’m so sorry.



I Got Nothing, Y’all

Peaceful Savages

As I’ve said a lot among friends, if black people were as violent as white people think we were, this entire shit would have been burned to the ground long before I was even born.

But we’re not, no matter how many dogs get sicced on us or hoses are sprayed at us, or tear gas canisters are thrown at us, rubber bullets shot, fully armed to the teeth cops being intimidating, we don’t bite back.

(sure, there have been riots, but never in direct response to being threatened, and aren’t the focus of this post)

We have been insulted to our faces, told our hair isn’t acceptable, our skin too dark. White supremacists burn crosses, ride confederate flag festooned trucks past our children’s birthday parties, walk in our neighborhoods openly carrying their guns, mock our dead, and very rarely do these people get popped in the fucking mouth.

And it’s not just black folks. Due to the recent attacks in Beirut and Paris, people are tripping over themselves to see who can be the biggest Islamaphobic douchenozzle.

Then act surprised when white people start fucking with anyone in a hijab or on a prayer mat. Mosques and Muslim owned businesses have been vandalized and anyone wearing a scarf on their head is a potential target for verbal or physical abuse by complete strangers.

And through it all, there is no retaliation.

I could go on with examples; pro-choicers NOT going after pro-lifers in the wake of violence, queer people NOT going after straights after a bashing, and so on and so forth. You wanna know why?

Think about what that would look like. Especially in the media, who looks for just about any excuse to demonize the opressed. Already keyed up bigots, who who only need little reason, no matter if true or not, wanna act out so badly.

I’m gonna quickly point out here the desperation of white racists to start a Race War by taunting black people in so many ways, waiting for us to respond in kind, so they can go “see, these niggers ARE violent and dangerous”, and justify killing us. It’s quite literally the “I’m not touching you” game that ends up in someone getting hit.

And deep down, we all know that. So we refrain. We act with peace. We may make a fuss, but we don’t go eye for an eye.

We can’t go eye for an eye.

And you need to understand what a further burden that is. To be taunted and abused and knowing damn well you can’t respond in kind. You have to be the bigger person while bigots get to act all kind of ways.

That is some hard shit. We need our allies to know that. So the next time you want to say something like “Well, if that was me, I would…”, stop and think.

And then shut the fuck up.

Peaceful Savages

Counter-Protesting: How Not To Fucking Help

The issue of counter protesting at women’s clinics can be a dicey one.  Some places, like the Pink House in Mississippi, do it very fucking well, with clinic defenders at the front lines.  Others would rather that not happen, at least not during clinic hours.

I’m of the latter, I feel that having too many voices yelling would further upset and confuse patients, and it’s my job as an escort is to be very aware of the patients’ safety and comfort.  So far, among escorts, anyway, we’ve most decided to live and let live, do what works for your location, etc.




There is a way to fuck it up.

  1. Be a white dudebro who apparently has never interacted at a clinic before.
  2. Be doing it less for the comfort and safety of the patients and more for attention.
  3. Make the goddamn escorts uncomfortable.
  4. Assault the fucking protesters.

So, Nik Stevenson (read down to the updates to see what the fucking problem is) and Nik Stevenson AKA “Judo Jesus” (yes, same guy), you’re not helping.  Go away.  Go FAR the fuck away from any clinic.

This isn’t for you.  Yes, being spat on by a protester IS assault – but if you had any understanding of how these fuckers operate, which the escorts could have happily told you if you weren’t such a fucking toolbox towards them, confrontation is WHAT THEY FUCKING WANT, especially a physical one.  They want someone to give them that sort of attention.  I don’t even want to think about the buzzing around on social media by pro-lifers about how one of their own was assaulted by one of those pro-aborts.  What you should have done, what you have the privilege of doing since you’re the not the one who either have an appointment to get to OR be an escort who is iffy about getting their name on a police report, is CALL THE POLICE.  REPORT THEIR ASSES.

Are you actually here to help patients? Obviously fucking not. So go away.  Stay away.

This is why I don’t want a bunch of angry counter-protesters showing up.  Y’all don’t know even how to act. You seem to think that just showing up and yelling at the protesters is going to do anything.

It will not. It only makes them feel more empowered. It might make you feel like you’ve done something really important, but let me assure you…YOU ARE NOT. You really want to help, show up, put on a vest, stand with us (or again, learn from groups who are already doing a fine job of C-P, like the aforementioned Pink House). Otherwise, this is more about you than the patients, and we don’t need you.

Look, if you wanna play in this game, learn the rules or stay the fuck home.

Counter-Protesting: How Not To Fucking Help

Mashable Tries To Help

How to confront friends who wear offensive Halloween costumes.

Not a bad list, but I feel it’s missing something.  And since I’m a helper, allow me to assist:

7. Say “What the fuck is wrong with you?” 

If you’re at the store with said friend, say it loud. If friend is showing you the costume at home, say it loud.  If they show up wearing it, say it loud every time you run into them while they’re wearing it.

Bonus help: “Accidentally” spill your drink on the costume.  Now they have to change. How helpful of you! You’ve prevented personal embarrassment of being the friend of a complete toolbox.

Mashable Tries To Help