It’s Political Opinion Tiiiiime!

“Hey Niki M, who are you supporting for the Demo nomination?”

…the Democratic nominee.

“Ha. No, really which one?”

Whichever one wins the nomination.

“So, no side at all.”

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It’s Political Opinion Tiiiiime!

A Cavalcade of Fuckery

Look, I am tired.  Like, not just in my body, but in my very person.  People keep coming at me with the same weaksauce shit excuses for continuing the status quo, and the news just keeps getting more enraging that, in Social Justice Alchemist terms, it’s draining to keep up the “Turn The World’s Bullshit Into Righteous Rage and Mockery” spell/circle/formula/my brain can’t even focus enough to keep up with this shit.

So there may be a little break coming up. I’ll let y’all know when.

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A Cavalcade of Fuckery

Erykah Badu is an Apologist for Child Rapists

…and you have no idea how difficult writing that title is.

Content Warning for Obvious Reasons

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Erykah Badu is an Apologist for Child Rapists

Today in “White Gamerbros Suck Again”: Hypocrisy and Baldur’s Gate

CN: transphobic slur and description of transphobic violence

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Today in “White Gamerbros Suck Again”: Hypocrisy and Baldur’s Gate

Fuck Blue; Go Red this Month!

(so, there’s supposed to be a picture here of me wearing my red tights while escorting this morning, but guess who forgot to take a picture?)

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and that means two things:

1. Red is awesome.

2. Blue can suck it.

Why? Because blue and blue puzzle pieces and “Awareness” and all that are symbols for Autism Speaks, a group that sounds good on the surface, but sucks.

How much?

A$ treats autism like a disease, one to be cured.  Do you know how shitty it is to treat people, living breathing people, like diseases to be cured or puzzles to be figured out just because they process information differently? Also, for all the damn money they take in, not a whole lot of it goes towards actually helping anyone. Seriously, learn what autism is, check out all of these links that exposes their shit, and this Mary Sue article that tells you how you can help this month (and all year, for fuck’s sake).  Hell, they even call this month Autism Awareness Month.

Hey, I’m aware of autism.  I’m aware of people with autism. What next?

How about Acceptance? How about treating the neurodivergent (which I think includes my ADD ass) like PEOPLE and not terrible burdens on their parents and caretakers. How about instead of teaching autistic children to sit still with “quiet hands”, we teach the world to accept them? How about instead of moaning about the great burden handed to you and recording meltdowns to get sympathy, you learn to work with your child?

(actually, while I’m at it, can everyone stop posting pictures/video of their kids having tantrums/crying? That shit isn’t cute, and if someone stuck a camera in your face while you were that upset, you’d punch them into next week.)

So, just imagine my red tights, act like you’ve got some sense around this issue and remember, it’s Autism ACCEPTANCE Month, okay?

Oh, and fuck Autism Speaks, cause it doesn’t speak for autistics.

(cover image courtesy of The Bullshit Fairy’s Facebook Group)

Fuck Blue; Go Red this Month!

Boiling Water Attack Update

In the aftermath of the fucked up attack on two gay men by some gaping asshole with a pot of boiling water, both men are out of the hospital, and the fuckface has been indicted on eight counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault.

Also, he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore (CN for pictures of burn injuries). Nothing kills the romance like damn near trying to kill said girlfriend’s son.

Also, because Georgia sucks and doesn’t have a hate crime anything, the FBI is on the case seeking a hate crime charge. You’d think the dude outright saying that he disapproved of the relationship between Gooden and Tolbert would cinch it.

Here’s hoping for healing for these men, and the book being thrown at Blackwell. As a matter of fact, I want the trial to be just the judge and jury throwing books at him the entire time.

(and seriously, what kind of hate in your heart do you have to have to get a pot, fill it with water, wait for it to boil, go into someone else’s bedroom, and pour it on two other humans? Being burned is a fucking terrible sort of torture, and holy shit, who just continues to pour while two people were probably screaming in pain as their skin boils? Just what kind of human posses this sort of hate? My brain just boggles when I try to think about it.)

Boiling Water Attack Update

More Period Ignorance

Thanks to @FeministaJones for digging into the Twittarz to find these “fantastic” bits of “wisdom” from the University of Who The Fuck Asked You?

This just in: You’re a whore if you bleed for a day or more.
Fell from where?
“Lower dimensions”? Like Dimension X? Are we in the TMNT universe?
To keep things fair, here's a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
To keep things fair, here’s a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
Well, it's not like the uterine lining doesn't thicken after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.
Well, it’s not like the uterine lining doesn’t replenish itself after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.



Look, I get it. I really do. Periods can be pretty gross and inconvenient and expensive to deal with. I have hated every single cycle I have had since I was 12, even the ones that made it clear that “You haven’t fucked up and got yourself knocked up this month”. I’ve ceased having them thanks to using birth control (no starving myself required).

But damn, there are more than enough reasons to dislike them. No need to pull others out of your ass.  No. Really.  And frankly, I have a theory about why these hotepy motherfuckers want soooo badly to make periods gone (Ms. Pro-HOtep aside).

Periods make having the sex inconvenient and gross.  For some.

Let me reiterate that real quick, because I can already hear the keyboards going.

FOR SOME (and no, you don’t have to tell me if period sex or earning your red wings does it for you.  No really, I don’t wanna know. I’m not asking. It’s beside the point. Please don’t).

Back to my point, I get why some dudes would feel rather put out when their partner is riding the cotton pony, having a visit from Aunt/Uncle Flo, endearing shark week, etc.  And I understand that for the Hotep crowd, a blakk kween should always be ready to receive the seed of her king at all times because nation building outbreeding the white man whatthefuckever. So yes, making menstruation sound like this unnatural curse of a thing, it being the fault of some mysterious fall makes ‘sense’?  The sort of sense that requires having one’s head so far up their own asses that you can lick your own uvula.

I dare you to make less sense.

More Period Ignorance