HAH? One of the Most Fucked Excuses for Rape:

I thought she was crying because I am So Incredibly Hung.

Wow, just wow.  Now someone’s going to have to measure this prick’s prick and actually let him leave with it still attached.

Seriously, how entitled and ignorant do you have to be to see someone passed out, start fucking them without so much as a “howdy”, see them crying, and come to THAT conclusion?  Nope, she’s not crying because you’re raping her or anything, it’s because your dick is Too Damn Big.


Even IF this poor woman was willing to wake up and bone you (and anyone with sense Dog gave a mosquito), you were doing it wrong, you selfish fuck.  If you know you’re big, you know have to take some extra precautions.

You know, like, making sure she’s actually awake before you stick it in.

Like, making sure she’s aroused – VERY aroused – before you stick it in.

Also, seeing if she wants to be impaled on your Enormous Penis helps too.  You gaping asshole.

You’ve had your dick for 26 years and you haven’t figured out how to use it?

…and you think this excuse is gonna fly?  Really?  Really? REALLY? You think ANYONE is going to buy “she was crying because my Massive Manhood”?

No only should you be charged and convicted for rape, you should be then banned from having penetrative sex.  With ANYONE.

You fuckadoodle.

HAH? One of the Most Fucked Excuses for Rape:

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    Ahhh, but don’t you know, dudes not getting their dick wet is a serious social justice issue! Dudes suffer from not getting laid and then they do bad things and who’s to blame? Right all the women who don’t fuck them. Some dude in the comments on Pharyngula just informed us that ladies not giving the dudes pussy were responsible for Hitler and Trump and that whole genocide thing!

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