4 thoughts on “Phyllis Schlafly is Dead

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    I would have liked it if she lived to see Hillary Clinton win the election. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied knowing she died realizing what the GOP has become under Trump and how she was a part of it.

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    If she so much believed that women should be silent, obey their husbands and stay at home, why didn’t she follow her own advice? First and foremost, by shutting up.

    To paraphrase Fox Nuisance’s hit piece (a so-called “obituary”) on Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in 2007:

    “By the late seventies, Schlafly was rich and irrelevant, the subject of other people‚Äôs books, a sacred cow of American fascism.
    Hers was despondent rightwing fanaticism.”

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