A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part One

Maybe I should put that “SNARKY” in flashing lights so this time people will know that I’m being silly with most of these answers, because these folks are as asleep as asleep can be.

But as they say “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk”.

So, some black folk got together and joined the “questions for SJWs” bandwagon, so I guess I should give them the Niki snarky mocking treatment – especially after recongize at least two of the questioners.  It seems that some of the questions are aimed at black SJWs, which is me all over.  There are so many questions, that I divided it into two parts.

Let’s go!!

When it comes to video games, are you really okay with a hand-me-down female character? I mean isn’t it insulting that instead of creating a brand new character, with their own personality traits and everything like that, isn’t it a little insulting that they decided to switch the gender of an already existing character?

Well, since I game, this is right up my ally! And guess what? I agree!  I think game designers should create more female stand alone characters. More of them.  A lot more of them.
All of them.  Yes, all of the characters should be well-rounded female characters.

Unless you’re talking about Link and Linkle.  Linkle is too adorable to not exist (Serious Me: And it’s not like the designers can’t create a unique backstory for her or anything)


Why are you so obsessed with checking your privilege or demanding that other people check theirs? I’m not sure what you thought, but this guilt-riddling virtue signalling does nothing to help me, my life, or my community?

Oh, it’s ThatGuyT. I tend not to give the first wet fart about the opinions of anarcho-capitalists, but hey, why not? He even said virtue-signaling, which is the newest buzzword used by the “rationals”. Hee hee!

See, I think everyone should be checking their privilege at all times, or as people who don’t want to be total jerks put it, not trying to speak over people who you do not share a background with. I happen to find it quite helpful when being an ally myself.


Why do you treat Black people like infants, as if we can’t debate as if we can’t have a civil discussion? If we break out into violence, then it’s because we’ve been oppressed or we should be allowed to do that.

Wow, what friends do you have?  I’ve had to tell mine to quit dragging me into “discussions” with their racists friends and family.

As for the riots, I’ll let someone else handle this answer:

“But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear?…It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.”





If out society hates women so much, why do men try so hard to make women happy?

Okay, this dude is a MGTOW, which means his views on heterosexual relationships is already 50 shades of fucked, so PASS.


Why do you call black people ‘white’ for having a different opinion of you, for being interested in things other than black stereotypes? Aren’t you the same people that complain when people make the same assumptions about you based on your skin color?

Oddly enough, I got called white a lot by my own family and I’m as black as black can get.  But yeah, seriously – people, stop that.


Why do you think censorship is the best way to deal with bigotry and racism?

Define ‘censorship’, because that can mean anything from actual “preventing someone from speaking at all” to the trumped up “preventing someone from speaking on this comment section/blocking someone on social media/wah wah my freeze peaches” nonsense.


Why do you guy complain about the transAtlantic slave trade yet never talk about the Muslim slave trades?

I love it when people claim a “you” who doesn’t talk about issue A.  It shows that before they wrote the question down, they didn’t look up their shit in the first place.  Go on, shoo.  Do the research before you try to build such a strawman.


Name me three, right now, I wanna here it, three rights that men have that women don’t.

Sorry, I’m not good at doing what I’m told by a cartoon.  It made Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer really hard to stand when I was babysitting my sibs. (Serious Me: This is such an old MRA talking point that it’s growing mold.  Use the Google box)


Why do you guys claim that black-on-black crime doesn’t exist?

Negro, whut? Who the fuck even says that, even as an answer to the derail of “whut about black-on-black crime”?  Take that strawman back to the field and get a refund.


Why do you get more upset over the amount of black characters in a TV series then the number of black homicide victims in Chicago?

Damn, T, you really are hitting all of them ‘rational’ bingo boxes. Keep this up and I might win me one of them reverse toasters.  Put a dark slice of bread in and it comes out white! Start your progressive mornings right with the Reverse Toaster! (Serious Me: You’re comparing apples to stab wounds).


If Black lives truly matter why do you guys actually go against police brutality and not against the brutality of black-on-black crime

Another one? *yawn* Okay, Serious Me, you’re up.

BLM is about holding police accountable in state sponsored murder of black bodies.  If you would like to know what is being done about black-on-black crimes, then use your Google box.  You’ll find groups that are trying to fight just that.  You can even join them!


Why do you act like we can’t defend ourselves?

Isn’t that the same question you asked before?


Why the fuck do you wear mental illness like a badge of honor when 99% of you have nothing wrong with you and you’ve spent just too much time on Tumblr self-diagnosing?

So many answer, so much space.

First of all, [CITATION NEEDED] on that number or never ever use it again.

Second of all, as someone with a mental illness, who is open about it, and uses Tumblr to look at Bioware fanart and reproductive rights news:

With a big ol' fuck you on the side

…sit on this and swivel, motherfucker.  You’re one of the many reasons why it’s hard to be out and honest about mental illness in the general Black community.


If it is indeed “victim blaming” to say that if you drink less alcohol or if you try your best not to put yourself in a dangerous situation by drinking more alcohol than your body can properly metabolize, is it really a bad thing if it reduces the amount of rapes that occur?

Oh right, the MGTOW who doesn’t give a single shit about women being raped in the first place because that’s what we get for not fucking him.

…see, I can strawman too.  NEXT!


You guy talk a big game against white supremacy and Christianity and all that good stuff.  But when the evils of Islam are happening not only in the Middle East but in Europe, you guys are quieter than a church mouse. Why is that?

Use the Google box.

Hey, if these folks aren’t going to put any effort in their questions, I get to copy and paste at least one answer.


When it comes to the mythical pink tax that you ladies love to talk about, if men’s and women’s products are so similar, if you believe that they are exactly the same, then why the hell do you keep buying female products. Are you…are you retarded?

First of all, whee casual ableism!

Second, a quick trip to the store and a few side by side comparisons will clear that ‘myth’ for you right up.  I mean, you do want to know for sure before you ask such a question, right?



You said finally getting a Black president will somehow help black people.  It didn’t. So why should I believe you when you say that finally getting a female president will somehow help women?

Yep, guess that better economy and nationwide healthcare only helped whites…


Why do white SJWs feel that we need their voice in order to be heard, or that we need them to survive?

Not white, not answering. (though, seriously, lady, get a new topic.  This isn’t all that different from your last two questions!)


Why do you guys claim that all white people are racist?

Point at the strawman where everyone said that.


If you thing everything is problematic, isn’t it quite possible that everything is fine for the most part and you’re the one with the problems?



Why does the concept of colorblindness bothers so many of you if it makes less racist people? I mean, isn’t it a good thing that these people actually, like, treat other people as people, instead of always focusing on race?

Not sure what colorblindness has to do with racism.  I mean, not being able to see red as red or blue as blue doesn’t have anything to do with how people notice differences in skin color…


Why do you go out of your way to highlight everyone’s differences and make safe exclusionary spaces for them but you always seem to be the first ones to complain about segregation?

Let me guess, you complain that women’s only gyms are segregation too?



To Be Continued in Part Two!



A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part One

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