You Know What Would Be Super Great?

If TERFs, SWERFS, and other bigots would stop abusing FB’s abuse reporting every time they get their little feelings hurt.

That would be great. Better than great. Super great.

People ask me about my privacy settings on my FB and why I don’t just start up a page for Seriously?!?, and I’ve thought about it.  But the thought of having my shit shut down because some pissy pants is mad just makes it not worth it (Also, moderation is a PITA when everything is public).

And YES I’m denigrating their feelings, because those feelings sure ain’t worth getting another person blocked over.  Oh noes, you were proven wrong!  Oh noes, people tell you your opinion is bullshit!  Oh noes, they blocked you so you can’t speak at them anymore! Better make sure that person can’t post for a few days up to a fucking month.  That’ll show ’em!

Fucking cowardly baby fucks.  I take that back.  Babies are too young to know better; these fucks are supposedly adults.  Supposedly.

Grow up!

You Know What Would Be Super Great?

One thought on “You Know What Would Be Super Great?

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    Absolutely correct.

    Freedom of the Press belongs to those who own a press. Using WordPress on a privately contracted server like you do is your guarantee you can freely express yourself without being shut down.

    It’s been truly said “If you’re not paying, you’re not the customer, and if you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” You pay nothing to use Facebook … you’re not the customer, the advertisers who pay are their customers, and Facebook does what they think will wring more money from their customers. Squash you, promote you, or leave you to face massive abuse, whatever favors their growth is what they’ll do.

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