No Love, Me: Two Drops of Wrong Verison

Dear Roosh the Rapist Doosh,


Though Techno-Matriarchy would make a kick as band name.

No Love,


Dear Abusive and Clueless Redditor,


No Love and High Five to this Cockbite’s Ex and a Kick in the Face to Him,


No Love, Me: Two Drops of Wrong Verison
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3 thoughts on “No Love, Me: Two Drops of Wrong Verison

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    “I predict that a masculine renaissance will occur … where men can once again focus on their own individual goals with Trump as a patriarchal role model.”

    What a frightened little pis-ant. No woman has ever interfered with me pursuing my goals. Perhaps that’s because my goals don’t involve forcing myself on women, or perhaps I’ve never needed a scapegoat to explain away my own inadequacies and failures as a human.


    “Things were fine in our new place for a few months but recently we have had a few spats. Nothing like two years ago. I never hit her again.”

    If I’ve taught my daughters anything explicitly or by my example, it’s that they deserve to be treated with respect, and that if they’re not once, they can’t expect to be treated with respect by that person in the future. Violence in a relationship is the ultimate in disrespect, and time to move on. It’s just one reason we never used physical punishment … we respect our kids, and we want them to respect us, not fear us.

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      I love how no one on that reddit thread believed his “few spats” bullshit.

      And Doosh is just…a sad man with a face that makes me want to kick it.

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