Dig Through The Ditches and Burn Through Your Privilege

This guy is still alive
I’m like what the fuuccck?

Dude, just dude. How?

In a country where a 12-year-old gets killed in a drive-by by the cops, where a man can somehow magically break his own spine in a police van, and SWAT is called to collect on a damned traffic ticket, THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE is alive.

Dude killed a couple, was EATING the man’s face, fucked up the one civilian trying to help, has no reaction to anything the damn cops tried to do, and HE’S STILL ALIVE.

ALIVE. No aiming for the head.  No double taps. ALIVE.

What the entire sweet baby back Jesus ribs fuck is this story? Do you need a better example on how the fuck whiteness works?

And no, I’m not posting a picture of the fuckhead, because they haven’t released his mugshot.  Just a bunch of grinning nice college guy FSU photos that don’t have him looking like someone who got drugged up and GNAWED ON A DEAD DUDE’S FACE.

What the hell happened here? What drugs was he on (I bet it was bath salts.  It’s Florida, it’s gotta be bath salts)? Why is he still alive when all of the supposed deescalation tactics didn’t work?

I’m using all of my ALL CAPS tokens today.  Holy shit.

Dig Through The Ditches and Burn Through Your Privilege
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3 thoughts on “Dig Through The Ditches and Burn Through Your Privilege

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    FSU officials confirmed Harrouff is a member of the university’s Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

    I’m a white dude myself, but damn, fraternities seem to be nothing but bastions of the privileged children of privileged parents of privileged grandparents. My crowd hated them thirty-five years ago, and I’ve seen little reason to change my opinion since.

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