Someone did what frankly we all have hoped someone would do to murderer George Zimmerman; punched him in the face.

I’m down this plan.  I’m down for anything that makes this fucker’s life unpleasant until the day he dies or until he gets the good sense to keep a fucking low profile or until the day he confesses that he started that fight that killed Trayvon.

Until then, every time he attempts to brag about that shit, a fist should try to bury itself into his face. Save that shit for the racist fans you’ve accumulated, not among decent people.

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    I admit to feeling a certain amount of righteous satisfaction from this incident. If there is anyone who deserves a punch in the face, it’s George fucking Zimmerman. Taking a step back though, I wish it was the rhetorical equivalent of violence, and not actual violence. Neither Trayvon’s murder nor Zimmerman’s acquittal happened in a vacuum; they happened in a culture where violence is normalized, expected, and in the case of “stand your ground” laws, practically encouraged.

    For example, I’d love to see bros getting right in Zimmerman’s face and telling him to STFU or GTFO of every. single. place. he ever enters, making it perfectly clear that he is an unwelcome pariah there, and that there are unpleasant consequences for him in the real world as a result of his (right-wing) views and violent actions.

    The problem is that this almost never happens. And not just with Zimmerman, but with all right-wing douches. They feel perfectly entitled to occupy and dominate any and all public spaces, freely spouting barbaric and counterfactual nonsense, with nary a peep to counter them. Ever. Sure, there may be a few eyerolls and whispers, but no real consequences. And like every bully and oppressor, they interpret the silence of others as agreement, thereby reinforcing the legitimacy of their unconscionable views in a perpetual bubble of support and encouragement. It’s what I call “conservative privilege.”

    I want a world where every time some douchebro spews something racist, sexist, homophobic, transantagonistic, ableist, rape jokes, dehumanizing, etc. etc., some other bro (or ideally bros…) shuts that shit down immediately with STFU or GTFO. And since I’m fantasizing, with a heavy dose of scathing mockery.

    That is how culture shifts. We will probably always have violent bigots of every stripe among us. We cannot afford to legitimize them. That is precisely what makes the Trump candidacy so dangerous. [TW for every goddamn thing at that link.]

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    I wouldn’t say “Good”. But had I been in the restaurant and cops asked me, I would have told them, “I didn’t see anything. I only heard Zimmerman brag about getting away with murder.”

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