No Love, Me: A Cavalcade of Ain’t Shit

(If you are not black, tread very carefully in your comments.  Don’t go looking for cookies, I’m all out)

Dear Black men,

We’re going to need y’all to do better.  For real.

Black women have been running shit to get recognition when the police extrajudicially kills one of y’all. Four of us STARTED Black Lives Matter, who always shows up when shit goes down and agitates for police accountability.

But the cops have recently shot a mother and her young child, and all we’re hearing is crickets.  Ain’t nobody checking for us as we mourn another lost soul and a child who mind and body will need to heal from this trauma.

You even blame Korryn Gaines for her own death. You give no shits about the shady behavior that surrounds this case. How many cops does it take to deal with an old traffic violation? A fucking five year old was shot in his mother’s arms. Don’t you care?

Are we to be your mules, carrying your corpses as we rend our garments and scream for justice when one of you falls by police hands?  Are we only good for bearing your children (some you don’t even care about or for) and taking care of you (which we’re always doing wrong, according to some of y’all)?

Fuck this.  I want to know your names, so that if the horrible thing happens to you, and you become a hashtag, I will not mourn you.  I will fight for accountability, but I will not mourn you.  You have to give us something.  Anything.  An “Are you alright?” is a start.

No Love,




No Love, Me: A Cavalcade of Ain’t Shit
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    If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a most excellent post over at Crunk Feminist Collective that directly connects to your post here.

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