Needle to the Dick = No Babies

Good news, everyone!

You just read that with Prof. Farnsworth’s voice!

Also, the experimental birth control injection for penises, Vasalgel, has passed the rabbit test. That means, hopefully, they’ll move up the mammal chain and start testing it on humans soonish (or as soon as they figure out how to remove it).

I hope.

You know why I hope?

Because I want to see cis men (who aren’t needlephobic in general) TRY to complain about having to get a shot to the cock. I really do.  I want to see them complain to anyone who is currently on invasive birth control.  I say invasive, because taking a pill or slipping in a Nuva Ring or applying a patch is a different level of uncomfortable.

Especially if you get a bad reaction to any of them.

I’m talking IUDs and Depo and the ones that gets implanted in your arm and so on. Try dudes, TRY to complain about one shot to the dick. We who are already on this shit can tell you stories.  I can tell you how my legs went tingly and then numb when the IUD was shoved into my cervix. I looked at the ceiling and was like, “I can’t believe people do the opposite all the damn time. In is painful, out must be torture.”

(For the record, IUD removal isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I had to get mine taken out because it was trying to take a sightseeing tour of my uterus. FUN!)

But seriously, if everyone on birth control right now had to go through some serious pain and/or discomfort and/or side effects to keep from getting preggers, you can handle a needle in the dick.  Trust.

Now let’s hope removal is possible so this show can finally get on the road.

Needle to the Dick = No Babies

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    I’d take a needle to the dick for the good of society. I mean I generally don’t like needles, but aa few seconds’ inconvenience doesn’t sound too bad.

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