Frivolous Friday: Riffing on Tweets

About that “responses to whiny white guys” post I made last week…

I got responses.  Someone posted one of the *ahem* gentlemen featured on the video, which he retweeted, and I got a bump in notifications.  It wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t hounded, I blocked and muted most of them.

But not before getting screenshots of the funniest ones.  See, I have no desire to have a back and forth with the unreasonable or with people who are pretty embedded in their opinion. It’s a waste of time, and I’m not a very persuasive and I don’t debate well.

So I’d rather mock and block, or in this case block then mock. Here are some choice Tweets I collected from the day after that blog was posted:



It’s a blog. There are no dislike buttons, for weeping out loud.



Oh yeah, people harassed to the point of illness is totally hilarious.  Laugh riot!!



Oh my Sagan, he would weep at having his face on this tweet.  Also, acephobic statement number You Make One Up.

And also, HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh noes no one will do the one thing I don’t fucking want to my body!  Asexuality isn’t like, say, incels. It’s an orientation, not a decision made because they’re terrible, terrible, people.

Two read my profile and decided that mocking my ‘job’ would really hurt my fees;


Cringe away, dear.


Damn, who knew that a simply explanation of one’s orientation and job could affect someone so deeply.  I must use this power for good.


Eep, I was careless with my powers and gave this person ulcers! I need restraints, quick!


OH NOES! It’s too late!! I’m unstoppable! I AM PHOENIX!!


Apparently some of these folks just missed the “Snarky” part of the title.


Huh? Okay. (hey, I’m not wasting wit on something so witless)


Please please please skip my article. You’d make us all feel less intelligent by just reading it.

And, to round it all off, this comment on the blog itself:






Frivolous Friday: Riffing on Tweets
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