#nerobannedparty Time!

So after the hot garbage fire that was Twitter’s underbelly driving away Ghostbusters star and SNL cast member Leslie Jones off the platform, Twitter was lit the fuck up with people demanding the staff Do Something about the damn hot garbage fire and the one who started it.

One of the hottest most trash dumpsterest fire of them all, Milo “Aryan Youth Blond ‘Do” Yiannopoulos.  They threw his ass off, permanently.

Since then the hashtag #nerbannedparty has been making the rounds, to my ever loving delight.  But, while I’m delighting, it’s not enough.

Twitter, we shouldn’t have to bombard you every time a hot garbage fire of harassment chases someone off your platform.  For all your talk about Doing Something about this shit, you ain’t done enough shit. Judgey Bitch, banned, still pops up with a new moniker.  Notorious fake goth Cathy Brennan has gone through HOW many Twitter handles? People are still getting their mentions blown the fuck up with nonsense.

You’ve proven you can do this.  Now keep doing it. Show us that you give even a smidgen of a fuck about keeping your platform from becoming a total and complete shitshow. Users shouldn’t have to create things like Block Bot to keep themselves and those of like mind safe.  People, celebrities or non-celebrities, shouldn’t have to suffer a torrent of abuse with no way to get help.  It’s unacceptable.

As for the lovely and funny Ms. Leslie, might I suggest turning this mess into a sketch for next Saturday? Which one of your white male cohosts would look decent in a bright blonde wig?


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#nerobannedparty Time!
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2 thoughts on “#nerobannedparty Time!

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    Silence equals assent. Harassers on twitter only face consequences when twitter itself faces consequences for the harassers’ actions. Waiting until there’s bad publicity tells me twitter doesn’t care, defends or even agrees with the harassers.

    I applaud Jones for rightfully speaking out and I support her. But it shouldn’t require her level of celebrity to get twitter (or any other social media) to do something about it.

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