How to Get White People More Concerned About Gun Control?

Get black people to show up openly carrying.

Oh Em Gee, the 2nd Amendment applies to niggers, too?  Quick, we must suspend the amendment while the Worst Show Unearthed is happening!

I’d laugh harder if it wasn’t so sad.  In light of the Baton Rouge shootings, I can already see white gun fetishists getting twitchy when they see a black man with a rifle, and using that as an excuse to make those black men put their toys away, as they ignore the fears some have of THEM in line at the Taco Bell with their toys slung over their shoulder.  You can trust them, they wouldn’t go on a shooting spree.  Nope, not ever.

*pause to mop up the excess sarcasm*

If only they could see the irony, the hypocrisy, the just plain asinine bullshit behind their fears.  If they only knew their history and how black people with guns scared the shit out of their parents and grandparent and maybe even them.

Gun rights for me and not for thee.

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How to Get White People More Concerned About Gun Control?
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5 thoughts on “How to Get White People More Concerned About Gun Control?

  1. 1

    I’ve never owned a gun, never wanted to own a gun, never needed to own a gun. Living in suburban San Diego, I’ve rarely seen a gun not attached to a cop. I’m a white middle aged math teacher.

    My take on guns? Nobody should be able to equip him or herself to mow down dozens of his or her fellow humans. You say you need a gun to protect yourself? If you can’t do that with six well-aimed shots from a revolver, you are incompetent, unable to protect yourself and a danger to everyone around you. If you can, I’d be willing to concede you the right to own that revolver.

    Assault-style weapons, “bullet hoses”? Nobody should own those. They are designed to kill people in large numbers. Anyone open-carrying one is trying to intimidate someone. The white redneck is trying to intimidate me, the gun-control advocate. The black man with one is trying to intimidate the white redneck. Personally, I fear the white redneck more.

    1. 1.1

      I’m so down with this plan that you’ll need a shovel to get me out. I can fire a .22 pistol and a .22 rifle relativity well. That is all I need if I ever wanted to have a gun. Ain’t no civilian need to shoot 20 people in 10 seconds.

  2. 2

    Undoubtedly the gun control they’ll end up advocating will involve preventing convicted felons from legally owning guns, which will link up with the systemic racism in the US justice system.

    1. 2.2

      Worse, states can reinstate a convicted felon’s right to own guns. Do you think white felons would benefit from white privilege? I know a convicted white felon whose right to own guns was restored in Montana. He’s actually a good guy who has turned his life around, but I don’t think he’d be hunting deer this year if he were black.

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