Two Shots About Disablitiy

I’m back early from CONvergence because my brain hates me and is trying to kill me.  So I’m home and needed to let off a little steam.  That means you get two, two, TWO rants in one.

Are you lucky?

First shot:  THIS



This is such a fucking issue in a lot of neighborhoods.  I have neighbors who have been cracking and popping those fucking things since a week ago.  I’ve been annoyed and frightened and overwhelmed before, and then someone next door was shot last year.

Now the damn things fill me with anxiety.  My noise canceling headphones can’t tune them out.  It’s not just the pop ones that get me. The whirling ones hit my misophonia so hard that it just sucks.

I have PTSD, non combat based, and I can’t imagine how combat vets, people who’ve gone through wars, victims of shootings, etc. feel when they have to deal with asshole neighbors who want to test our their shiny shooty things way before the 4th. At that point, it’s noise pollution and it’s rude as fuck.

And if you have a pet, like I do, those neighbors can fuck themselves right off. Come on, think for just a fucking second about what your good time is doing to someone’s dog or cat or gerbil or whatever.  Some people prep for the 4th, and you assholes are fucking it up by doing this before/after that holiday without any warning.

And speaking of pets:


Second Shot: Service Animals

Why are people still being utter jackasses to service animals and their humans? Every time I hear or read a story about someone getting their shorts in a twist because a person said “No, you can’t pet my dog, he’s working”, I want to leap through the screen and punch that person in the face.

This isn’t new information, people.  Service animals have been a thing for a while.  Some even have some sort of “Working” or “Do Not Pet” on their vests and still people thing they’re the specialist of snowflakes and that doesn’t apply to them.

I’ve petted a service dog once.  But she was laying her head in my lap and wagging her tail – and I STILL ASKED HER HUMAN FIRST.  It wasn’t that hard, people.

But since it is, let me try to help you:

If a service animal is out with their human, they are working.  They need to concentrate on helping their human stay safe.  It doesn’t matter if said person doesn’t “look” disabled to you (I want to stamp “Not Every Disability Is Visible” on people’s foreheads backwards so they can see it in the mirror in the morning). There are more duties than being the eyes for a blind person.  You can look that up and educate yourself, if you gave a fuck.  There are seizure pets, PTSD pets, pets that help when their human is experiencing severe anxiety.


Yes, I know there are plenty of fraudsters who don “therapy animal” on a vest on their dogs and take advantage of the ADA regulations so their pets can enter places with them.

You’re not the service animal police. You lack the training even if that job existed. Unless said animal is being disruptive, LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.

No, you’re not entitled to pet every dog you come across.  I can’t believe that has to be said. Ask first and respect the “no”. Don’t act like a child who was just denied a second slice of cake. You’re a fucking adult.

Speaking of adulting, teach your children to do the same.  They are also not entitled to pet every animal they see, and the human in question isn’t obligated to allow it just because it’s a child asking.  Teach your children to respect the working animal.

If you fuckers had any idea how much emotional stress you put on someone who is doing so not well that they need a SERVICE ANIMAL to get around, you’d be ashamed.

I think. I hope.

Two Shots About Disablitiy

7 thoughts on “Two Shots About Disablitiy

  1. 1

    My neighbors started in with the fireworks about 3 days ago. I was up at 2 am writing an article for (based there in Minneapolis). I so badly wanted to run outside and scream at them, seeing as how they were shooting the things off in the street! The next few days will be interesting. Might be time for a road trip; anything to get out of here before I act on the urge to scream.

    1. 2.1

      WARNING: Unasked for advice ahead. Ignore as you wish. Yell at me if overstepping.

      I’ve seen a website that teaches how to wrap a dog in an ACE bandage to work as a thunder shirt. Would that help the poor dear?

  2. 3

    I cannot and will not claim to know how fireworks or other sudden noises affect people with PTSD. But I definitely can say I know how people with migraines feel. Fireworks give me the same symptoms and murderous headaches. I see same yobbish behaviour here in Taiwan, fireworks going off unpredictably at all hours for a week both before and after Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and 10/10 day (Taiwan’s independence). My condolences and empathy.

    Noise is more than an annoyance, it’s a weapon. The oft-quoted missive, “The right to swing a fist ends at another person’s nose,” applies to physical violence, but the same could be said of audible violence: The right to make loud noise ends at another person’s ear drums.

  3. 4

    Noise pollution that we find most annoying is church bells on Sunday mornings… (we have fireworks and celebrations in my town but mostly I don’t mind and hug the cat) … darn bells, I’m an atheist for a reason, one that includes drinking all Saturday night and then sleeping in on Sunday! But yeah total support for people with actual problems and sensitivity to noise pollution, especially inconsiderate pre-pre-celebratory fireworks.

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