Frivolous Friday: Crafting and Cosplay and Faux Leather

I’m still fighting the brain weasels hardcore, which oddly enough, means I get all fucking crafty like, making shit like this:

Dice bag, maybe? I dunno, been making a lot, though.


On the serious, CONvergence is coming up in two weeks, 4th of July to be exact. And as well as bringing back my Josephine, I’m making this outfit from Skyrim:


Royal Vampire Armor. Not that no one will recognize it at CON, but oh well.

I kinda like making costumes.  My brain just likes to break down a costume to it’s component parts and search the Googles for tutorials, which makes it less complicated.

(also, I try like hell not to look at the total when Don pays for the supplies. Last time I had a panic attack)

So, as you can see, Serana looks like she’s wearing a buttload of leather.  I’m not working with leather.  It’s expensive as hell and CONvergence is in the fucking summer.  Thankfully, I found this really neat tutorial on Deviant Art that I’m giving a try.  I started with something small, gauntlets. See how it works!


Two cut and hemmed pieces of cotton fabric…


One leather looking gauntlet (I was hammering the eyelets in the other when I stopped to take this picture.

So far so good.  And i’m glad, because I have a cloak and a belt and corset and boot covers and a whatever that butt cover thing is to make look similar.

And that’s my Friday!

Oh wait, EXO came out with two new songs and I’m in love again.  You know what that means?

My Xiumin's up in front. Dem hips, though.
My Xiumin’s up in front. Dem hips, though.


Frivolous Friday: Crafting and Cosplay and Faux Leather
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