…I don’t care what kind of gun it was.

Damn near every time a shooting happens with an identifiable gun, the same shit happens:

“That’s not a BLAHBLAH, it’s actually a BLAHBLAH.”

“…YADDA YADDA automatic YADDA YADDA semi-automatic YADDA YADDA…”

Suddenly everyone becomes a fucking gun expert, whipping out their knowledge, trying to ‘splain to people who are angry, upset, or mourning that they’re don’t know what they’re talking about.

I know this goes against all things skeptical, but I DON’T CARE. No. Really. I don’t.

And I’ve held, loaded, and fired guns more than twice, so I’m not gonna faint at the mere mention of a gun.

You know why I don’t care? Because if it can kill dozens of people in a matter of seconds, a citizen does not fucking need it. Ever. Not in this fucking country.  Semi/automatic, extended clip, what the fuck ever.  It’s not needed to hunt (if you can’t hunt without attempting to shower your quarry with bullets, you’re a shittier hunter than I am – and I can barely hit anything with a .22 rifle). It’s not needed for self-defense. It’s not necessary.

Of all of the guns that ought to be “taken”, these types are top of my list. You don’t fucking need it.

…and that was in my mind while I mourn with my fellow queers.


…I don’t care what kind of gun it was.
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6 thoughts on “…I don’t care what kind of gun it was.

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    Agreed! It seems every time the news gets its terminology confused about what kind of gun was used to murder people someone has to go crying about some conspiracy to take guns away or some other nonsense. I think part of why they do it is to claim to be victimized like the actual victims. Then again I would like the correct term to be used just for accuracy’s sake. I won’t read anything into a reporter calling a semi-automatic gun something else, but it would be better if the mistake wasn’t made in the first place. In any case the focus should be on those who were shot, not quibbling over what kind of gun was used.

    What scares me is how the gun fanatics have practically turned the AR-15 into a holy symbol.

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    Zod in Kryptonian heaven yes! I could also do without the MacGyver wannabe’s eager to show off their potential to be Unabombers by claiming that they could get the ingredients to make a bomb at the Piggly Wiggly that would kill a lot more than fifty people and gun laws wouldn’t stop that so there liberals Checkmate!

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    Several countries (e.g. Canada, Australia) don’t have a “right to bear arms” yet still have high rates of gun ownership and low rates of gun murders. Governments are not “grabbin’ their guns!”, but they are – unlike the US – ensuring that those who have them are responsible owners. Also, firearms in Canada, England and many other countries are usually restricted to single shot weapons which are difficult to conceal (i.e. rifles).

    How ludicrous are US gun laws? In 2013, it became legal to buy 50 caliber sniper rifles. From smartgunlaws_org:

    Fifty Caliber Weapons Policy Summary

    A 50 caliber rifle can hit a target accurately from distances of 1,000 to 2,000 yards, depending on the skill of the shooter, and can reach targets at a longer range, sacrificing accuracy.2 Designed for use in urban combat situations, these weapons can penetrate structures and destroy or disable light armored vehicles, radar dishes, helicopters, stationary and taxiing airplanes, and other “high-value” military targets.

    I have read claims that 50 caliber rifles are capable of shooting down small airplanes and helicopters in flight.

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    Right there with you Niki.
    I don’t know if they’re doing it deliberately to derail, or if they genuinely have zero clue that their talking point are irrelevant, but dammit, those people get on my nerves.

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