…there is not a world full of Kardashians.

Occasionally I see memes that compare the Kardashian clan to another famous woman.

Like this:


…and this:


…annnnnnd this:


(oddly enough, there’s rarely any women of color in these comparisons. Are there no WOC good enough to make the cut?)

I see these and I feel very confused.  As I said in the title, there aren’t a world of Kardashians. They’re just a family. A family that is currently the ‘in’ thing in the media for the moment, like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie back in the early 2000s. They rose, then they fell, and so will this family.

What I’m really boggled about is what exactly is wrong with being a Kardashian? No, really, what is wrong? I’m not hip to the current media/tabloid/whatever, but I see a family who is spending their 15 minutes of fame being famous and rich as fuck. I see one women who turned a leaked sex tape into fame for her whole family, thanks for reality TV shows and shit.

Which people seem to like, because people keep watching them. They know the system, and they’re working it.

But they’re not ‘everywhere’. No, they’re not. I don’t look at tabloid mags, I don’t watch TMZ or watch the show, and the only time I see any of them is on red carpets where I’m already checking out the dresses. So maybe I’m not getting the hate.

But what I do get is this feeling that there are better women and lesser women when I see these memes.  It’s like “In a world of Justin Biebers, be a *insert name of favorite obscure band here*”. It’s pretty much saying “They’re Popular, Now They Suck”.

It’s a comparison that makes me uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, actively anti-feminists women annoy me. Those who work to bring us back to sitting in the kitchen and letting the menfolk run things particular piss me off. But they’re not lesser women.

I don’t see the Kardashians as lesser women because their primary concern is to keep themselves noticed by the media. Though that youngest girl is a walking pile of problematic with her habit of appropriating every damn thing, she isn’t less.

And these memes put them as less, comparing them to women whoever created the meme decided are better women, without explaining why? Why is Diana, who before her untimely death, was a walking tabloid target and in the face of British media, better than a Kardashian? Audrey Hepburn, who most people just remember her as pretty, better than these women, who are considered attractive today?

And Helena? I don’t even know what the comparison is there.  One’s an actress, the others aren’t? Huh?

What I think I’m trying to say is that I don’t get it. I see nothing wrong with being any of these women.  Any of them.  They were and are people living their lives.  You don’t have to like them, but putting them against each other makes no sense to me.

…there is not a world full of Kardashians.
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One thought on “…there is not a world full of Kardashians.

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    And these memes put them as less, comparing them to women whoever created the meme decided are better women, without explaining why?

    That would go a long way to justifying such comparisons, I agree. Like, if meme makers said “Princess Diana is a better role model than the Kardashians”, you can agree or disagree, but at least it’s not saying “this women is a better woman than that woman”.

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