A Slight Sign of Change?

Sometimes, the fight for social justice feels damn tiresome.

The banging your head against ignorance, the rage, the frustration, the road blocks.  The dipshits, the willfully ignorant, the trolls, the JAQers, the harassers, the members of the Choir Pedantic, it can be a real drain on one’s mental, emotional, and physical everything.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel worth it.

Hell, I took a break, came back, and want to take a break forever.

But I tell you, my friends, my fellow Social Justice party members on this extended tabletop game that is life, that there are improvements.

Firstly, sites like this exist. Networks of people looking beyond “I don’t believe in God” and trying to make the world a better place.

The best part, though, the BEST part, are the sites/places/shows that aren’t focused on what we, FTB, Skepchick, Patheos, are focused on.

Niki, get to the point.

Guys, I read comments sometimes.  And sometimes the comments amuse me more than they make me despair for the world.

Some commenters on Cracked believe that Cracked was better before they started catering to SJWs, just because they’ve been mixing up some social awareness with the dick jokes – and still remaining funny. Why they still stick around to complain at any article that has the slightest whiff of social justice, hell if I know, but it’s amusing to watch.

Apparently, Channel Awesome is all about the SJW pandering now. I don’t know in what way, since I only watch a handful of creators, but I’m more than willing to take that complaint at face value if they’re improving.

Youtube games reviewer Jim Sterling goes from LOLEdgelord to a decent consumer advocate in a span of 4-5 years, not only chiding the games companies for acting shady, but also riding the asses of entitled gamers who want to practice the art of exclusion.

Youtube commentator Steve Shives altered the names of his two popular segments, dropping the word “Stupid” in both. The two news titles take some getting used to, but they’re still packed with the same actual progressive content.

When people fuck up with some regressive shit on Twitter, they get dragged to hell and back by their scalps (important warning: don’t mess with Black Twitter. Or any group adjacent to Black Twitter).

I’ve even heard grumblewhines about how SJWs are ‘taking over’ the upcoming Reason Rally.

The whining means, on some level, we’re winning.

We had Steven Colbert outright make fun of Gamergaters on live TV.

The MRAs and MGTOWs and their repugnant views are becoming known outside of our purview.

People, we have stories about our pushback in the atheist community getting out there to the mainstream.

Sure, of course, we still have targets of abuse who’s backs we need to watch. Anita and Zoe and Rebecca and Greta and Steph and I could go on and on are probably still scraping loads of shit from their social media spaces on the daily. And that sucks and needs to still be called out.

And we still have some throwbacks who pretend that non-believers that aren’t cis white straight males aren’t important enough to hear from or promote.

Look around, though.  Hear the whining and the gashing of teeth of regressive, humpers of the patriarchy, haters of anything that does not cater directly to them as per usual, and know that if they’re whining, we’ve given them something to whine about.

So let’s keep pushing, ruining their fun, disrupting their comfortable little narratives and pop those bubbles of privilege so they can see and no longer have an excuse to ignore us.


A Slight Sign of Change?
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