It’s Political Opinion Tiiiiime!

“Hey Niki M, who are you supporting for the Demo nomination?”

…the Democratic nominee.

“Ha. No, really which one?”

Whichever one wins the nomination.

“So, no side at all.”

Let me break it down for you.

I give no shits who gets the demo pick.  Both of these jokers have made good points, have fucked up, and have been in Washington long enough to be really real for real politicians.

But, since I’m poor, black, have a uterus, like the idea of others like me and not like me having their civil rights acknowledge and respected and not to be treated by second or third class citizens…I’m #demoorbust. I’m anyone, anything, but a Republican.

Hell, as slap happy as I was to see Obama win that first time, I mean tears and shit, I knew he was a fucking politician. Not Jesus, not a miracle worker, a politician.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s done fantastic shit, he’s a geek who’s easy on the eyes, the whole family is just awesome as a First Family and I’m going to miss their presence in White House.  But we still have that drone problem, and that whole ‘tearing families apart and locking up kids because illegal immigration’ thing, and that not so secret secret prison for terrorists is still open. And that’s just at the top of my head.

He’s a politician.  And that means compromise.  And losing when the fuckers you have to work with won’t budge.

The newest Prez is going to have to be a politician. And all of these jokers know that (okay, maybe Trump doesn’t).  Nothing is going to magically happen – especially when people don’t fucking pay attention to any elections that aren’t the big sexy Prez ones and don’t vote anyone willing to WORK with said Prez.

You know, the other names on the damn ballot? Senate, House, state lawmakers, school board, mayor, governor, dog catcher, etc. Those elections count too, you know. Wake me when we have this kind of fevor about THOSE.

So, I give no actual fucking fucks who gets the damn Demo nom.

Just send me my absentee ballot so I can check the D – and give more of a fuck about the other names on the ballot, mail it back and wait for the results.

And that’s my political opinion.

It’s Political Opinion Tiiiiime!
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