The Problem With George Zimmerman

…is that he continues to breathe.

I know my more peaceful compatriots are not fans of wishing violence upon people who disagree with them.  I respect that view.

I just happen not to agree with that view, especially in cases of putrid drops of anal leakage like Zimmerman. I want him to not exist anymore. I want him to turn back into the starstuff we are all made of, so that the same starstuff can be used to create something useful to the universe. The fact that he continues to take in breath is an affront to everything justice is supposed to stand for.

It would be one thing if he got off from murdering a damn child and then went quietly back into living a normal life.  Nope. He has to bring his sorry self back in the news over and over again.  Multiple assault charges, a cancelled boxing match with DMX (my only comment to that was “beat his ass until he can’t get up”, and now…now…now….

*deep breath*

He auctioned off the same gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.  And some jackass, who wisely doesn’t wish to be named, got it.

Leonard Pitts wore an amazing opinion piece on this new chapter in the story that apparently will never end, likening this auction to the selling of body parts of lynched black people.  You know, like souvenirs of the great time we all had watching another human being get burned or hung or beaten or castrated or some combination.

To put it lightly, I’m disgusted that this person continues to walk the earth. I’m disgusted that he’s not rotting in a jail cell. I am disgusted that with this crime and all of the others he’s been allowed to commit, no one with any sense can see that he’s dangerous.

You know, just dangerous enough to accost someone walking in his neighborhood and then shoot them in “self-defense”.


As a P.S. I won’t speak about this fuckface taunting Trayvon’s parents, because it would just be raptor screams all the way down.

The Problem With George Zimmerman
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6 thoughts on “The Problem With George Zimmerman

  1. 1

    Can’t really argue. My main thought about Zimmerman is that I wish he’d stop stealing air; plague fleas need that air, and add more to the world.

  2. 2

    Yeah. This guy needs to no longer exist. In a perfect world he’d have been convicted of the murder he’s proud to have committed, and then thrown in a deep dark hole and never heard from again. As it stands we can only hope he gets what he deserves by other means.

  3. 3

    Him having the gall to auction off that gun is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard. I hope that subhuman transaction comes back and bites him in the ass. Him and the asshole who bought the thing. He’s not doing our world any favors by being in it.

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