Frivolous Friday: Guess Who’s Back?

Guess who’s back?
Back again?
Guess who’s back?
Tell all your friends!
Guess who’s back?
It’s me, Jack.
Who is Jack?
This is whack,
Cut me slack
I’m so black
Don’t talk smack..

…and that was the point where I had to stop before I was forced to work “yak”, “sack”, and “Maybach” in there.

So, it’s been two weeks, ending my social media break. Time to open up the Facebooks, Twitars, and Tumblrz tabs and dive into What Is Wrong With The World and go back to yelling about it.


I um, might need to do this on a semi-regular basis.  I think.

Firstly, thanks to all of you who commented on those scheduled posts I had.  It was so nice of ALL of you.  I didn’t even have to trash any comments at all!

Thanks to my compatriots and friends for respecting my wish to not tell me shit.

And to a rather awesome person, who can ID themselves if they want, who took a look at my ‘sewing supplies’ wishlist on Amazon and proceed to send me Every. Fucking. Item. on the list.




It was three days of “Holy shit, another box, are you serious?” “Hey, a rotary cutter. Guess I’ll have to get a cutting pad.” “Oh look, it’s a cutting pad.”

To that person, I have this for you:

A large worm-like creature jumps and tackles a spider-like machine

Frivolous Friday: Guess Who’s Back?
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