A Cavalcade of Fuckery

Look, I am tired.  Like, not just in my body, but in my very person.  People keep coming at me with the same weaksauce shit excuses for continuing the status quo, and the news just keeps getting more enraging that, in Social Justice Alchemist terms, it’s draining to keep up the “Turn The World’s Bullshit Into Righteous Rage and Mockery” spell/circle/formula/my brain can’t even focus enough to keep up with this shit.

So there may be a little break coming up. I’ll let y’all know when.

I’m so tired that I can’t even address all of the current fuckery that is really pissing me off individually, or every single post about them would just be a gif of me flipping tables while screeching like some eldritch being with a stubbed toe. So, I’m dusting off the ‘Link Roundup’ tag and giving you a list of thing that deeply concern and anger me.

(Because saying “pissing me off” is getting repetitive)

Racist assholes get so upset when a President’s kid gets into an Ivy League college, that even Fox News had to shut down their forum.  Gee whiz, I wonder why this almost normal thing that First Kids just do is such a problem now.  Hmmm…

Bomb ass ballerina Misty Copeland gets a Barbie doll in her likeness. And the racists swarm to accuse Mattel of all sorts of typical shit from “political correctness” to “pandering”. Gee, I wonder why, given that black Barbies already exist. I had two as a girl.

In light of the growing disease that are transphobic “bathroom bills”, the American Fuckery Association have been up to their usual, well,  fuckery.  In light of Target flipping these “bathroom bills” all of the birds, they intend on having cis men enter women’s bathroom to “test” Target.  Given that we’re already having news of women being followed into bathrooms by pervs and police alike for not looking feminine enough…sorry, I can’t continue because flipped table, screeching, you know…

Old Navy has an ad featuring a smiling happy interracial couple with their smiling happy child. Enter the white supremacist jacksticks, who bombarded the company with your usual bullshit complaints about “miscegenation” and forcing people to accept whites mixing with our “monkey” asses and, the ultimate in shitty stances, promoting “white genocide”.


Thankfully Old Navy is blowing off that shit, and others have been bombaring them right back, including the son of John McCain, who posted pictures of himself and his lovely wife.

Lastly, awesome writer and person I’d like to have a beer with, Sincere Kirabo (and yes, that is his real name, and I’ll brook no tired ass attempts to make jokes about it) wrote an awesome piece about how ‘village atheism’ is turning out to be a sort of religion in itself. Have a read and ask yourself if you’re in the complacent, village.

Take it away, Ms. Lili Von Shtupp:

A white woman, Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles, stands in black lingerie, singing. The caption read "I'm so tired"

A Cavalcade of Fuckery
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5 thoughts on “A Cavalcade of Fuckery

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    LOL at “American Fuckery Association.” I just can’t with all this shit too. But I know that even if I turn off every TV and computer screen and hide under the covers, I still have to face it eventually, as a queer black trans person (who is both the child of and in an interracial marriage) who needs to use public restrooms sometimes. So I keep reading the fuckery; “know thy enemy” and all that.

      1. Thanks for the solidarity – but as far as the bathroom fuckery, trans women are the primary ones they are targeting. Transmasculine people like myself don’t even exist as far as most conservatives and TERFs are concerned. I’m still nervous whenever I use the men’s room though, and strongly prefer gender-neutral accommodations. Cis-passing trans men and non-binary transmasculine people like myself just need to be aware of this whenever they’re tempted to post selfies of themselves in the women’s room and such, to highlight the ridiculousness of the laws.

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