Where Were You?

So I made this comment on a friend’s Facebook in response to their concerns about the voting process here in these United States:

I really wish everyone who is this concerned about the voting process would be this concerned when there isn’t a big deal election happening.

…then maybe, just maybe something could be done about it.

The comments quickly devoted into a “Bernie lost/No he hasn’t” argument, which made me roll my eyes at the missed point and post that same comment on my Facebook.

Then I realized I had a lot more to say, and I haven’t done a blog post in a couple of days.


For most of those who are now complaining about how broken our voting process is and how it disenfrancises some voters (who usually are poor or a minority or elderly or some combination of the three) or how super delegates work or why gerrymandering is kinda bullshit, I have one question for you:


Where the fuck were you when the Voting Rights Act was struck down, and Southern states immediately jumped into passing bullshit Voter ID laws?

Where the fuck were you when felons who have served their time were campaigning to get their right to vote back?

Where the fuck were you when hundreds of legal voters were struck from voter lists in state after state?

Where the fuck were you when there was talk of making voting more inclusive, fewer long ass lines, expanding absentee voting, and so on. (Obama mentioned this in a SoTU speech, but it’s ain’t like he can wave a magic wand and make the shit happen).

This shit doesn’t become an issue every Presidential election. And it sure can’t be fixed during an election year.  It needs to be addressed during those quiet not so sexy moments between attending rallies and talking too damn much about how great your chosen candidate is.

These issues are the bedrock of democracy, a bedrock that is crumbling with each and every attempt to make people who may vote “incorrectly” not be able to vote or decide that it’s not worth it.  It needs to be repaired, or the crumbling slowed down – sorry, I know dick all about foundations or construction. And that requires giving a shit when it’s not party time.

Educate yourself on how the system works now, and help work to fix it.  Rattle the cages and make noise, not just when it might screw your candidate over. Because then, it’s too fucking late to help you, your candidate, or what is supposed to make this representative democracy an actual fucking representative democracy.

So, where will you be once November 2016 is over and done?


Where Were You?
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