Frivolous Friday: Parodies!

I’m still pretty bummed, but I wouldn’t miss this post for the world.

I love parodies.

I really do.

Weird Al is my God. I have almost all of his albums on my computer. I love his song parodies and his style parodies. Hell, on Poodle Hat, he does a style parody of Prince in the song I Wanna B Ur Lover.

I’m kinda known to my friends as someone whose brain just can’t stop making parodies.  Just yesterday morning, upon hearing that Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is a fucking fuck, I jotted this on the way to therapy:

Despite all his rage, Billy Corgan’s just a an ass in a cage.
Despite all his rage, he is irrelevant at this stage.
And some folks will say “who is this guy, fuck what he’s got to say,
Despite all his rage, Billy Corgan’s just a an ass in a cage.

They’re not works of genius, and I usually don’t get past the chorus, but it’s almost like a compulsion to me.  A compulsion I enjoy.

Way back in fifth grade, our class was in competition with other 5th grade classes to do a skit for the end of her (bullshit) D.A.R.E. program. The winner would do their skit on stage in front of all of the other classes in the county.  Someone suggested we do something around the Geto Boys’ My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me, a song that frankly, a bunch of 10 to 11 year olds really shouldn’t have been listening to. It’s dark, it talks of delusions and thoughts of suicide – not for kids, and especially not for my 11 year old depressed ass.

But we did this thing, and the skit was pretty near done, someone’s guilty of a crime and the jury damns him, another person is trying to drink cans of Coke, but pulls out beer labels, the last line is shouted by not just the kids on stage, but the rest of our class seated in the audience, it was great for being taught some straight bullshit about drugs for half a year.

But we needed a second part…a second verse.  I started thinking and writing:

Every day it’s impossible to cope
I’m getting tired of seeing all this dope…

I got most of that last version done when someone saw what I was writing, snatched my notebook off my desk and showed it to the teacher.

And that’s how my first attempt at a parody that someone else saw got put on stage.

After that, I couldn’t stop. 2 Legit 2 Quit became “Tuna Fish and Grits”. I got older and did a few on my college theater message board. While in church, pretending to pay attention, I turned “Livin’ La Vida Loca” into “Livin’ La Vida Locusts”; the topic was about the fucked up curses of Egypt.  And even here on this blog while it was on WordPress, my most popular post was this parody to Tim Minchin’s The Pope Song at the height of the athioskeptical rape accusations and harassment apologetics.

And one day, I got annoyed at antis one Saturday…


I was walking past the women’s clinic,
And a man walks up to me and hands me some pro-life literature
“They kill babies in the there!”
Man, I’m not going to let you lie to me
I threw it on the ground
You must think I’m a fool
I ain’t gonna listen to your nonsense
Man! Take your garbage and your backward ass home

On my Facebook, there’s the one parody that I don’t think I’ll be sharing publicly ever: Someone posted yet another example of Dawkins’ fucking up, and someone else commented about how someone could do a version of “What did the Fox Say?”

I couldn’t help myself, and I managed to do the entire song.  And with every fuck-up, I add a verse. It’s a damn epic by now; but since I have no desire to deal with Dawk bros having fits, and since I never tagged those extra verses, and my FB page is friendslocked, it probably won’t see the light of day.

Maybe.  Who knows?



Frivolous Friday: Parodies!
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6 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Parodies!

  1. 3

    Runts and Losers:
    “Take me down to parasite city
    Where the bands are lame and the songs are…”

    I have no comment on “Weird Al”, we all have our preferences. But it galls me that his cover of Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy” became more well known than the original and the classic video. (I doubt you need it, but a trigger warning might be in order if you click the link to youtube.)

      1. Addendum: Saying “we all have our preferences” might sound negative. It’s not. I meant that there’s probably (certainly?) stuff I listen to that you would make you shake your head. ^_^

        And if you never noticed, Greg Kihn makes a cameo in the Weird Al video cover of “Jeopardy”. Jump ahead to 3:25, he’s driving the car.

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