Frivolous Fridays: Skulls, Skulls and More Skulls

Guess who’s kinda sorta maybe back?

(or guess who’s having an epic nap after this)

I missed last week’s FF due to being really, really down as fuck, but I couldn’t miss it twice in a row, especially since I get to share with everyone one of my favorite things!


No really.  I love skulls. They contain your brain! They’re creepy without being super gory! They’re awesome! Before moving to MN, I didn’t have any reason to really collect anything, because given how often I moved around, collectible anything was just more stuff that took room away from some more clothes or a toiletry or shoes.

But now that I’ve been here nearly five years this month, I’ve had the time to really get into something I’ve really like.  And with my latent goth tastes, Halloween is my favorite time to shop for anything, and skulls are perfect (so are spiders, but my collection of those is rather small, and I know too many people with arachnophobia to show those pictures). I may be a little obsessed, because you see:

I wear them to bed!!

Three pairs of sleep pants lay overlapping on a bedsheet. All are black with skull motifs.


I wear them outside!

A pair of black leggings with white skulls


I wear them around my neck or in my hair!

Black scarf with white skull and crossbones

I wear them on my ears and around my neck (again)!

One pair of earrings with black skulls, another pair with silver skulls, and a silver choker with skulls

And lastly, but not least-ly, my collection of skull shaped whatzits and whozits: Candles and tiny bottles and a cat collar and a vampire skull and some other stuff.


Frivolous Fridays: Skulls, Skulls and More Skulls
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3 thoughts on “Frivolous Fridays: Skulls, Skulls and More Skulls

    1. 1.1

      Well, sugar skulls are associated with Dia De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, and I don’t collect or wear those. I don’t want to engage in what I feel would be appropriating from Mexican culture.
      Regular skulls, though? I’d wear them every day.

  1. 2

    Skulls are pretty cool, especially if you branch out to consider other skulls besides human ones. I remember a drawing class where our instructor had us make pencil drawings of a coyote’s skull. The shape was complex and totally unfamiliar, and while part of me was struggling with the drawing, another part of me was contemplating the whole concept of a skull, and the necessity of protecting a brain, and how these needs evolved into different shapes for animals in different ecological niches. Some drawing class, huh?

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