Cat Toy Update: Holy Shit, Thank You!!!

So, I got a box today with two slow feeder bowls, then checked the Amazon list.

Every. Single. Thing.

Every single thing on the list is in this office currently as I’m typing this.

Holy shit. Fuck me running. My heart’s beating really fast. I expected to get one, maybe two, probably none, but ALL?  ALL?


A man limps down a hallway with "What the Shit" written below
…my second favorite ME character using my second favorite phrase

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who retweet, reposted, passed around, sent by carrier pigeon that post. You all rock so hard for this.

Secondly, double stuffed THANK YOU to everyone who was going to send something, but couldn’t because the list was already sold out. Also to everyone who wanted to send something, but couldn’t for whatever reason.  Grab a guitar, because you also rock.

And Lastly, super sized with a side of fries THANK YOU to the awesome, hella awesome, ridiculously awesome folks who sent me all of these lovely things.  All of you get Niki awesome points that will never expire:

  • Iris
  • Monica
  • Olivia


(not listing last names because it’s the internet duh)

A large worm-like creature jumps and tackles a spider-like machine

I can’t thank you enough.  Weasel can’t thank you enough. Even Sammy can’t thank you, and he’s a grump.

But enough thank yous. I know what you’re all here for: Action Shots! Lots of sideways Action shots!

Two boxes, one small stacked on a larger one
It was Christmas up in here
A tan colored cat sits on a blue fabric bag.
Sammy finds the crinkle bag and the catnip mousey adequate.
A cream colored cat sits upon a blue fabric bag.
…and so did Weasel (the crinkle bag; he doesn’t seem too fond of the mousey)
Cream colored cat, batting into a green upright cat feeder with a white base
It took Weasel some days to get the hang of the new feeder, poor thing.
Cream colored cat standing up on the green feeder.
And then the little fucker started cheating.
Cream colored cat in mid spin with a feather toy on his back.
The only one who got worn out after this was HIM.
Cream colored cat sitting inside of a cardboard box
And of course, the best cat toy ever – the box

The toys that were sent by not photo’d are because Sammy love the mouse on a stick, but wouldn’t stay still enough for me to take a shot, and we got the metal slow feeders today.

Wow, I’m still overwhelmed, but I couldn’t get a day go by without thanking everyone, from me and the kitties.

Cream colored cat laying on a blue desk with a three skull candle holder nearby
Pictured: One tuckered out kittimus.
Cat Toy Update: Holy Shit, Thank You!!!