Help Me Play With My Cat

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I have multiple disabilities.

I also have a cat. His name is Weasel. And I am definitely his human.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

He’s a Good Kitty, when he’s not walking over what feels like each and every sore spot on my body to wake me up (then he’s a Little Fucker). He’s a munchkin, but runs and jumps like no one told him his legs are shorter than the average cat’s. He’s got Siamese in him, so he’s talky.  He loves to ‘lead’ me to the office and bedroom, waits for me by the bathroom door, and when I’m tired, he naps right beside me. And like most cats, he needs playtime, stimulation and all that.

Which I would love to provide, but as the years go on, I’m less able to play with him without getting exhausted or sore (one of his favorite things is for one of us dragging a bit of string around for him to chase and catch, you see).  And when he’s bored, he sleeps a great deal more and finds things to gnaw on that I’d rather him not gnaw on: plastic bags, my compression bags, the vacuum bags we use to store the big blanket away, plastic cereal bags, plastic this, plastic that, you get the picture.

And when he wants to play and I can’t, the meows are so pitiful that it breaks my heart.

So, after observing the sorts of things he likes to do, I put together a wishlist of toys that I think he’ll enjoy, and two food bowls so he and the resident Old and Grumpy Cat Sammy don’t get into too many fights during meal time. But I’m broke.

I’m reaching out to y’all to help my short fuzzy boy out.  Here’s the link. I’m not asking for everything on the list at once, so you can do whatever you can, that would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Niki M and Weasel

....and Weasel thanks you too!

Help Me Play With My Cat

4 thoughts on “Help Me Play With My Cat

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    I tried to purchase something, but it would only let me ship to myself. If you specify a shipping address for this list, it won’t be visible to shoppers, it will just show up as “Niki’s Wish List Address”. I want you to have a satisfied kitty! 🙂

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    Hi! So sorry, I’m very, very short on money, so I can’t donate at the moment. But I have an idea which might work for you, too, and it won’t cost any additional money. My cat loves this game:
    I sit in a comfy spot in a place in the room from which I can throw an object in as many different directions as possible, in many different nooks and corners, under furniture which is high enough for my cat to crawl under or low enough to jump on. And then I throw her ordinary dry cat food, one piece at a time. She races after that like mad, jumping on furniture, diving underneath it, racing down the stairs for it. Sometimes, I feed her the amount of a whole meal like that, she loves it; I think it’s like hunting for her. As long as she is eager to play/eat she doesn’t leave any crumbs behind at all.

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