*raptor screams*

Rewire shares a story that has just made me see red way too early this fucking morning: Anti-Choice Activists, Using Bogus Legal Threats, Trick Teens Into Signing Away Abortion Rights.

Did you read it? Did it piss you off? GOOD!  Now let me piss you off even more with a little secret!

Anti-choicers enjoy skirting and/or outright breaking the law in the name of “saving da behbehs”.

From crossing property lines to harassing patients (and anyone who isn’t walking by fast enough) to harassing doctors at their own homes, to running fake clinics, to this intimidation shit, they behave as if they are somehow above the laws of man.

And you know the real shitter about this? Most of the time, they get the fuck away with it.  The police don’t want to help and it’s damn difficult to get local lawmakers to give a shit because these jackwagons with throw a tantrum faster than a toddler in the candy aisle. Oh noes, their free speeches is violated!

It gets even worse (well, of course it gets worse. These motherfuckers whip people up into blowing up or shooting people at clinics. This isn’t that level of “worse”). Are you considering an abortion and share that info with someone you trust, a friend or your church leader or a teacher in that story above? You may end up fodder from some group’s attempts to saaaave you.  That trusted person may hand out your personal information to complete strangers (to you) to call you and/or email you and/or come visit you and/or call you by name in front of the clinic to “encourage” you to keep your baby.

Normally, one might call that stalking or at least, pretty fucking creepy.  Normally.  But in upside-down fucked up “pro-life” land, it’s perfectly kosher.

What wouldn’t I give to be THAT entitled and get the fuck away with it.

*raptor screams*

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