It’s Like They Want People Getting Shot

By now, I assume the word has gone out about Ideal Conceal‘s two shot derringer that folds up to look like a cellphone.  If not, have a gander:

Whut. No seriously, whut?
Whut. No seriously, whut?

This makes me facepalm for two reasons, the company’s is in my current state of residence, and the other reason should be completely fucking obvious.

In a country with a motherfucker can get shot reaching for his damn ID, where a 12 year old boy is shot for having a fake gun in a state where having a real gun is legal, is this a good idea? Don’t even get me started finding links on people being shot for reaching for a cell phone, or twitching wrong.  Usually while black.

But don’t you worry, folks, the creator Kirk Kjellberg assures us all that it’s okay, as long as people are responsible with their weapons.

“In America, we have lots of children in contact with pistols already. There’s been quite a few incidents long before my product came along,” he said. “For me, it’s not the gun. It’s the people. So if you have a pistol and you have children anywhere near you, it’s your responsibility to lock that stuff up and keep it away from children.”

Yup, and I’m sure buyers of this thing will be super responsible, like every single case of gun fail we’ve seen before.

The Facebook page for this “thing” is studded with ‘right to bear’ arms arguments and memes and shit, and this delightful piece of advice:

WHEN I read these crazy posts about how people will now be more likely to be shot for either “reaching for their phone” or “pointing their phone at a cop”, I still cannot get over the TOTAL ENTITLEMENT exhibited in those statements. Police are here to serve but are not your servants. If your ANYWHERE near a Law Enforcement Officer of any kind DON’T BE AN IDIOT; DON’T MOVE AROUND QUICKLY OR AT ALL, KEEP YOUR HANDS VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES, DON’T “REACH” FOR ANYTHING UNLESS THE NICE OFFICER HAS AGREED YOU CAN DO SO. If you want to scratch your nose or your balls, ASK PERMISSION. If you want to film an officer: “EXCUSE ME WHILE I WHIP THIS OUT” doesn’t cut it with me. Tell them in a reasonable tone you are going to SLOWLY get your phone so you can record, IF THEY SAY NO, THEN ITS NO. You can take it up with their superior, (or the Judge), later. If your an assbag about your interactions with Police, it will end badly, period!

Excuse me while I laugh as hard as I can.  Having tears in your eyes and rage in your heart counts as hysterical laughter, right?

Do I have to list the number of people who didn’t do anything and are shot by the police? How the police barge into the homes of innocent people and just blow them away (too many links to even pick one to post)? What did a 7-year-old sleeping girl do? How the police shoot motherfuckers who aren’t even armed? Like naked men who aren’t carrying a weapon and obviously needed help?

Where they all ‘idiots’ and ‘assbags’? And no, you fool, we’ve seen time and a-fucking-gain what happens when we try to ‘take it up with their supervisor’.  Have you even been paying attention to the news and the protests and shit? If anyone around here is ‘entitled’, it’s you, creating this shit because you got looked at by some people with a kid pointed out your gun. Oh poor you.


It’s Like They Want People Getting Shot
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    Like you and thousands of others, I had the same thought. Some cops will use this as an excuse to shoot people who film them, especially non-white people, then claim “I thought it was a gun!” Filming requires the camera to be flat, not pointed on end, but as we’ve seen with other cases of police violence and biased judges, ignoring and burying facts is easy when you have unquestioned authority, when “white fear” is still accepted as a defence.

    Excuse me while I laugh as hard as I can. Having tears in your eyes and rage in your heart counts as hysterical laughter, right?

    I rolled my eyes so hard at the farcebook comment that they got stuck under my eyelids for a moment. I immediately got visions of Sean Inanity’s “advice to black people when being stopped by police”.

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