This Week Sucked

…a lot.

I mean, rapists getting away with raping, NC passing a bullshit anti-LGBT law (good on the trans community for their direct action yesterday. Shut that shit down, y’all), more bullshit abortion laws on the books, terrorist attacks in Ankara, the Ivory Coast and Brussels, for some reason Cruz and Trump are cat fighting about their wives, the Bundy occupation left a literal shitty mess – and I know I’m missing even more.

And no, I’m not linking to any of that shit because it all pisses me off so much.

Instead, I’m gonna link to some stuff that puts a smile on my face this week.  Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Three Congresswomen announce the first caucus for Black girls and women.

Sikivu Hutchinson lists 10 kick-ass black women atheists.

An actual recipe for mochi, which means mochiaisu (ice cream filled mochi) is a possibility! I’m so saving up for rice flour!

FLCL IS GETTING MORE SEASONS!!! #rideonshootingstar

For those looking for books with bisexual characters, the Bi Writers Association has listed their finalists for their Fourth Annual Bisexual Book Awards, which is exciting in itself because I recognize some of the authors and titles in the Erotica category, including a book I beta’d.  So fingers crossed that one of those wins!

Twitter user @CivilJustUs started this hilarious hashtag #FxckBoyFuneral. It goes from describing was a fuckboy is, what fuckboys do, fuckboys in the media, and shit fuckboys might even wear – like this pair of Hotep-as-fuck Timberlands:

For when the "Kween" you're trying to holla at turns into a "bitch" for not wanting to talk.
For when the “Kween” you’re trying to holla at turns into a “bitch” for not wanting to talk to your ashy ass..

Here’s to a better Friday.  Or a better weekend for us all.

This Week Sucked
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