Today in “What The Entire Fuck?” – The Weird Lawsuit Edition

I’ve got two stories for y’all. Aren’t you lucky?

Arizona mass shooter Jared Lee Loughner (you know, the inflamed asshole who put a bullet in then Representative Gabby Giffords’ brain?) filled a lawsuit for, get this, $25 million dollars?

Against Representative Giffords. And also the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Why? Have a look at the actual legal document, and have your conspiracy theory bingo cards at the ready. There’s the Illuminati, sleeper chips in his brain, Giffords faking her traumatic injury (and setting up Cliven Bundy?), Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and of course, what’s a good conspiracy theory without mentioning Da Jews?

All I have to say is…dayum.  Dude.  Dayum.  I can’t wait for the “laughed out of court” story.


This one’s for my fellow gamers out there. Here’s an exercise in how not to handle criticism. There are also a LOT of YouTube links ahead, so grab some popcorn, a soft pillow to bang your head against, and enjoy!

The “developers” of Digital Homicide, creator of such shit as The Slaughtering Grounds, which ranked as one of the Worst Games of 2014 by YouTube game critics ProJared, Angry Joe, and one Jim Sterling, is suing Jim Sterling to the tune of $10 million dollars for “assault, libel, and slander“.


Because he pointed out that their games are shit with paid assets thrown together with no cohesion, and their business practices are shit (20 games in 9 months? Whut?). After attempting to respond to the criticism with a video of their own , which got laughed at and gave Jim the new moniker “Jim Fucking Sterling, Son“, then trying to get the video removed from YouTube because they believe that Fair Use means “you have to be fair in your use”, and doing some weird excuse for an interview that turned into a doxxing attempt and other fuckery (apparently the dildo bat from Saints Row that Jim occasionally wields in his videos is offensive/insulting to women?), now they’re trying to sue.

And after people ruined their first attempt to crowd fund for a lawyer greedy enough to take this lawsuit (with a high retainer, one would hope), they are looking into other ways to pay for one. Jim, for his part, has been wisely not addressing the issue, but is confident.

Because this lawsuit is shit.  I also can’t wait to see it laughed out of court.

It’s been a saga indeed, folks.  Good luck to you, Mr. Fucking Sterling, Son.

Today in “What The Entire Fuck?” – The Weird Lawsuit Edition
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7 thoughts on “Today in “What The Entire Fuck?” – The Weird Lawsuit Edition

  1. 1

    Defending yourself in a lawsuit still costs money even if the lawsuit is groundless. Jim should counter-sue for the loss of income when DH took down his YouTube videos.

      1. I thought Jim was in Georgia. He’s mentioned it several times on his podcast. So would the lawsuit be filed there and wouldn’t Georgia’s laws apply since that’s where he’s based out of?

  2. 3

    Hi Niki,
    Are you aware of the background of Jared Loughner? He is severely mentally disabled and neuroatypical. What he did was tragic and horrific, but the only reason he is engaging in behavior like the lawsuit is that our brutal and corrupt prison system systematically refuses to properly care for and treat the mentally ill. The whole situation is tragic and certainly not funny. Laughing at behavior caused by his mental disabilities/nruroatypicality is ableist and cruel.

    1. 3.1

      You talk as if I wasn’t aware of both his mental state and the state of our prison system. We certainly need better mental health care AND a better prison system.

      But, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let either one of those issues let me forget that the asshole KILLED people. So pardon me if I give a little giggle at the content of this suit which would be thrown out anyway and would do not a damn thing to fix these systematic issues for him or any one else.

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