The last post I made before the move over here was about what trans women want to do in the bathroom. It was a response to the idea passed around by conservatives and TERFs that suggested cis men go into the ladies room and drop trou.  It is pretty gross, but would anyone actually even try this?

You know where this is going, right? Get your facepalms and headdesks ready!

Fayetteville councilman John La Tour is being accused of confronting a woman he assumed was transgender and threatening to wave his penis at her at a crowded restaurant.

The woman in question? Cis. (which is probably why the town is in a uproar in the first place)

Not that it matters, because YOU DON’T THREATEN TO WAVE YOUR DICK AROUND to total strangers.  Not even to people you know, unless they’ve signed on to your literal dickery. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

What is it about trans folks that turn some cis folks into complete perverts? They wanna know what’s in your pants, how do you fuck, how do you pee, and then what? They whip out their bits and dangle them to prove that they have no idea what women/non-binary folks in the ladies room do in there.

And it leads to shit like this and WORSE. People, cis men to be specifically, thinking they can A) spot a trans woman and B) can freely abuse based on that.  We already have a serious issue with trans women being beaten and outright murdered by cis men who can’t handle that the woman they may know might – MIGHT – have been born with a penis.

Cis men are so damned insecure. And it’s deadly.


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7 thoughts on “*jawdrop*

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    I’d also space out cis and men. Omitting spaces there, usually to create the word “transwomen,” is a TERF dogwhistle meant to serve the notion that trans people are distinct creatures from unqualified “women.” I don’t think that “cismen” carries the same harm, but the symmetry there makes me uncomfortable anyway.

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    I’m as appalled as anybody by this nitwit’s behavior, (but not surprised, considering his political leanings) however I would like to make a small point about your closing statement.

    I’m what I guess you would call a cis man (born with male parts, identifying as male) yet I don’t find myself insecure in the least: meaning I would have NO problem sharing my bathroom with anybody, male or female, cis or trans. In other words, I will treat you with respect, period, end of sentence.

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    We’ve seen this too many times to keep count anymore (fundy christians and pastors, catholic priests/bishops/cardinals/popes, rabid rightwing politicians like Mark Foley and Mike Huckabee, MRAs and other fanatics). The ones making the accusations often turn out to be worse than anything they accuse the “other” of being.

    For me, it’s now de rigueur to automatically assume intentional misdirection on their part to keep the general public looking in the wrong place. I expect all such people are capable of doing what they accuse others of doing, and start looking for evidence of hypocrisy.

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