More Period Ignorance

Thanks to @FeministaJones for digging into the Twittarz to find these “fantastic” bits of “wisdom” from the University of Who The Fuck Asked You?

This just in: You’re a whore if you bleed for a day or more.
Fell from where?
“Lower dimensions”? Like Dimension X? Are we in the TMNT universe?
To keep things fair, here's a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
To keep things fair, here’s a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
Well, it's not like the uterine lining doesn't thicken after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.
Well, it’s not like the uterine lining doesn’t replenish itself after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.



Look, I get it. I really do. Periods can be pretty gross and inconvenient and expensive to deal with. I have hated every single cycle I have had since I was 12, even the ones that made it clear that “You haven’t fucked up and got yourself knocked up this month”. I’ve ceased having them thanks to using birth control (no starving myself required).

But damn, there are more than enough reasons to dislike them. No need to pull others out of your ass.  No. Really.  And frankly, I have a theory about why these hotepy motherfuckers want soooo badly to make periods gone (Ms. Pro-HOtep aside).

Periods make having the sex inconvenient and gross.  For some.

Let me reiterate that real quick, because I can already hear the keyboards going.

FOR SOME (and no, you don’t have to tell me if period sex or earning your red wings does it for you.  No really, I don’t wanna know. I’m not asking. It’s beside the point. Please don’t).

Back to my point, I get why some dudes would feel rather put out when their partner is riding the cotton pony, having a visit from Aunt/Uncle Flo, endearing shark week, etc.  And I understand that for the Hotep crowd, a blakk kween should always be ready to receive the seed of her king at all times because nation building outbreeding the white man whatthefuckever. So yes, making menstruation sound like this unnatural curse of a thing, it being the fault of some mysterious fall makes ‘sense’?  The sort of sense that requires having one’s head so far up their own asses that you can lick your own uvula.

I dare you to make less sense.

More Period Ignorance
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4 thoughts on “More Period Ignorance

  1. 1

    Goodness, they’re really clueless. And dangerous, since the only “remedy” they have for periods is “starve yourself to death”

  2. rq

    I’d take the seven-hour period. Too bad it’s such a misleading fantasy.
    Also, have any of them ever looked into the fact that humans aren’t the only mammals to menstruate…? You know, because it’s natural n all.

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