Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

So, this happened: 2016-03-20 06-39-45


To translate, it’s a Tweet from Breitbart’s “Technical” writer Milo Yiannopoulos that says:

LADIES: If you use any of the following words hot men will stop hitting on you:

  • privilege
  • cis
  • genderqueer
  • poly
  • nonbinary
  • fluid
  • feminist

One second, I need to stop giggling.  This is ridiculous and it makes me wonder yet again if this is some elaborate trolling attempt. But I know better, and the giggles turn into a deep painful sigh and a roll of the eyes. Oh look, I can see my brain.

First off, Milo, honey, we already have a problematic gay man who dishes out relationship advice.  We don’t need another and we certainly don’t need advice this wrong.

Secondly, *clears throat*

*to the tune of the William Tell Overture*

Privilege Privilege Privi-cis cis cis

Genderqueer Genderqueer cis cis cis cis

Feminist Feminist Nonbinary

Fluid, fluid and poly



Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”
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19 thoughts on “Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

    1. 4.1

      They’re actually doing a tour of various college campuses to talk about how the Left is bad and stuff. Stephanie Zvan attended the one here MN, and it was about as awful as you would expect.

    2. 4.2

      I recall a commenter at Pharyngula who took umbrage at PZ’s criticism of CHS’ brand of feminism, and was thinking “you need to read more of what she says with a heightened critical eye”.

  1. 5

    Oh dear, I wonder if the nincomfuck has any advice for gay men who use those terms. Oh wait. I don’t give a rat’s taint what he has to say, and I doubt most women have the time of day for his ridiculous advice either.

  2. rq

    I’m going to try this out, and if it doesn’t work, Milo, you’re going to hear from me. Starting today, no more hot men will randomly hit on me, because Milo says this works – now I finally know the right words to spray around me from time to time to keep them away. Hey, by the way, is this a say-it-once type of thing, or should I intersperse these words randomly throughout conversation as a constant preventive action?

  3. 9

    Seriously, Milo obviously knows nothing about heterosexual attraction. Those are all the words that I look for when I’m skimming OKCupid. (Well, plus “queer.”)

  4. 10

    cis isn’t an acronym, it’s a latin prefix (see: gallia transalpina vs. gallia cisalpina) turned into an adjective. literally just means “same side of” and in context refers to being (roughly) the same gender you got stuck with at birth.

  5. 11

    I find it hilarious that he doesn’t appear to be self-aware enough to realize that “hitting on” might be considered kinda creepy by feminist men and women alike and that exploring potential romantic relationships can be mutual and egalitarian.

    If that list of words merely filters out the space invaders dropping one-liners then I’ll consider it a worthy PSA.

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