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(CN: All of the links posted have graphic imagery of severe burns)

Homophobia comes in so many forms.  There’s name calling, discrimination, harassment, outright assault, and I could go on.

The sheer malice one has to have to harm another because they don’t like who said person falls in love with is staggering. I’ve outright hated people, and have been very creative with stating how much I’ve hated them, but to DO something to harm them directly, I…I just couldn’t do it.

Hence I bring you a story that breaks my heart every time I read it, and it comes from my state of origin.

You can read the story  here, but I’ll sum it up. A gay couple came home from their job and went to bed.  One of the men’s mother’s boyfriend boiled up some water, came into their bedroom and poured it over them, saying “Get out of my house with all that gay” – then threw them out while they were still suffering.

(BTW, it wasn’t even this fuckstick’s house in the first fucking place. Then he had the damn shitting nerve to claim that it was “just a bit of hot water” and “they’ll be alright”.  As much as I want his pubes to suddenly catch fire, I’ll be satisfied with him being in jail for the rest of his pathetic, worthless, hateful life.

And then for his pubes to suddenly catch fire.)

Both of these men were burned so horribly, and recovery from that kind of injury is long and difficult.  And expensive.  There is a Go Fund Me for both gents (again, both links have very graphic photos of their injuries).

I’m asking you, my dear and surprisingly growing readership, to check your wallets and give whatever you can to help these men recover not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.  If you aren’t able to give, then please boost this story to others.

Thank you.

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