No, Hoteps, I Do Not “Overstand” Your Nonsense

I’d thought I’d start off the party with something light and cute, just to lure new readers into a sense of peace and calm, thinking “This Niki person is rather delightful” and then SLAM BAM right into the dropping of the f bombs and creative uses of the word “douche”.

Then I was introduced to YADA this week.


And that was the point where I decided to say “Fuck it, give ’em a full blast in the face of some serious Seriously?!?”

Well, yes, YADA, if you starve yourself enough, your periods will indeed stop.  But we call that anorexia, and that’s a disorder.

Then I discovered more people, mostly cismen, who seem to believe that having a menstrual period is unnatural.

Yep, that would be another dude telling a woman that periods are unnatural. It’s even in a book, so you know it’s facts!

Oh wait! There’s some words of wisdom for cismen about proper ejaculations and their heartrate. Auuuum, come with the earth, fellas!

Just another day in Hotep Land, where Ashy Ankh Negros romp and play.

(EDITED TO ADD: Now don’t get Hotepery mixed up with Afrocentrism.  One can celebrate and honor our ancestry without going all the way to the extreme “White People are the Devil, cleanse your third eye, brother” side.  Hat tip to Negrodamus for pointing that out in the comments)

What’s a Hotep, you may ask? Take the sheer fuckery from white supremacists, mix a bunch of Egyptian symbols that are poorly misunderstood, add spoonfuls of misguided black pride, throw in cups and cups of misogyny and homophobia, a dash of fucked understanding of science and medicine and the English language, and then drop it off a cliff. The resulting mess is Hotep.

These folks (because there are women who subscribe to this shit) claim to know about the roots of our African ancestry and must inform us all of how brainwashed they are by the white man. They take #StayWoke to extreme levels, trying to wake us all up with nonsense.  They hide their hatred of women and the celebration of toxic masculinity behind the concept of “getting back to our roots”.  It’s pretty sad and infuriating as fuck.

Misogyny (or specifically misogynoir)

Hoteps claim to looooove black women.  We are queens (or Kweens?). Our wombs are where nations can be built. We are the rock the “blakk” man can rely on in this struggle.

As long as we don’t speak up for ourselves. Or dress sexy for ourselves. Or refuse to put up with their shit. Or expect more out of men. Or are lesbians or bisexual but unwilling to do threesomes with them and another woman (cause that’s hawt). Or claim that a black man raped them.

Then we’re at best, brainwashed and at worst, agents working for the white man to bring the blakk man down.  It’s fucked.

And they do engage in basic misogyny too. By bedding women of other races, it’s like poking the “whyte” man in the eye. But heaven forbid a black woman date someone of another race, that’s bringing the downfall of the black race.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is all about uplifting the black man at the expense of everyone else.

Toxic Masculinity

Are you a trans woman? Then you’re unnatural, feminized, affected by the society that tries to feminize black men.

Are you a trans man? Then you’re trying to suppress the black man by “trying to be a man”.

Are you gay? Are you a cisman who cares for his kids or enjoys things that are tagged ‘feminine’? Then you can see where I’m going here.

For people who claim that being stereotyped is terrible, they cling to the image of a roughnecked oversexed manly man.  A man who engages in “nation building” aka sleep with a lot of women to make babies for them to care for while the man continues to, well, build nations. A man who is tough, not in touch with his emotions, answers insults with violence. Toxic all around.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is also about allowing black men to be irresponsible asshats.

Misunderstanding of Science and History

You really want to get a good hard look at Hotepery? Watch the series Hidden Colors. Well, first, get really, really drunk (or high, if you’re able) first and then watch this ahistorical piece of garbage.  I’m aware that we’re not exactly represented in history classes, but making up shit like “black people never lived in caves, like white people did” isn’t the way.  According to the first two videos in this series, nearly everything good in the world was made by black or mixed people.  EVERYTHING.

Oh right, and they dip their brains into Egyptian religion and artistry and claim it’s our heritage.  It’s like they either forgot or have no idea that the slave trade of our ancestors came from west Africa.  Egypt isn’t in west Africa, but telling them that would prove my brainwashing.  It’s already bad enough that I’m partnered with a white man.

As for medicine? It drips with pseudoscience, as you can see from the top image. Periods are unnatural, cauliflower doesn’t contain carbon, relaxers get into your brain, single mothers make their sons gay, and so on.  Essential oils can cure everything, white science developed AIDS to depopulate black people…

…hold on, that shit is one of the reasons why there is so much AIDS denialism in Africa.  Fuck these guys.

You name a psuedoscience, and you can find a Hotep promoting it in the name of healing ‘our’ people from white man’s medicine.

If you haven’t noticed, Hotep is about twisting what we’ve learned to suit their fucked up agenda.

In Conclusion

Fuck these guys.  Again. Fuck their disrespect of black women, fuck their support of the toxic masculinity that is killing themselves and trans women of color, fuck their lack of understanding of science, fuck their lack of understanding of ANYTHING.

Fuck their abuse of English, with substituting “EYE” for “I” and “overstand” for “understand”. Fuck their insistence on calling other people ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ like attempting to establish a kinship would make their bullshit go down easier – also, we’re not at church.

The best way to combat this shit is to laugh at them. As frustrating and condescending as they can be, they don’t have nearly as much power as they claim to be.




No, Hoteps, I Do Not “Overstand” Your Nonsense
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24 thoughts on “No, Hoteps, I Do Not “Overstand” Your Nonsense

  1. 2

    I’m a black trans person who learned about hoteps relatively recently, and was horrified (though sometimes also amused) by what I read. From the pseudoscience to the cisheterosexism, it’s all just grossly embarrassing. I’m not much bothered by the creative language though; they can say “eye” and “overstand” all they want as far as I’m concerned. But when they tell me I could have avoided decades of “unnatural” menstruation by eating cherries, then they simply need to shut up.

  2. 3

    I challenge you to a 60 day fast


    Um, okay?

    Third menstrual might last for a day and disappear. There will be no fourth menstrual!!!

    Okay, I know I’m just a woman, but if we get a few of us together, we should have enough fingers and toes for this.

    Day 1: first “menstrual”

    +28 or so
    Day 29: second “menstrual” begins

    +28 or so

    Day 57: third “menstrual” begins

    all presuming that your first “menstrual” starts literally as early as possible in the fast.

    My goodness, he’s right! There will be no fourth menstrual during the 60 day fast!

    Science! Math! Masculinity!

    Or, y’know, he’s a moron. Take your pick.

    1. rq

      I’m stunned – STUNNED! – by the accuracy of his mathematical jeenyuss! And your subtle analysis just drives the point right on home. Cherries for me for the next 60 days it is!
      With a side of cheese, whipped cream, broccoli (don’t much enjoy cauliflower, even if it is carbon-free) and nice toasty pastries from the local shop.

  3. 4

    Hmmm…”Seriously!?” I wonder what this nice looking blog has to say……Oh…oh god…*hand over mouth*…what in the FSM!?

    LOL – nice piece Niki. It’s great to share a network with you at long last!

      1. It could have just been a coincidence. It WAS the early 1990s, and I did use a lot of relaxer at one point. 😛

        Seriously though, hotep is MRA but instead of blaming feminism it blames white people for why women don’t like these creeps? Am I reading it right?

  4. 6

    I think you should make it clear that Hotep is a diss towards people who lay on the crazy side of Afrocentrism, and not the average Afrocentric brother or sister. Outsiders (aka White Devils *I kid, I kid*) may think that there is actually an official Hotep Movement (there’s not). Don’t do to Afrocentric people what the religious often do to Atheists.

    Cool blog.

    1. 6.1

      1. You’re absolutely right, Hoteps are the extreme and #notallafrocentrists. I’ll add that as a disclaimer on the post and thank you for reminding me of this.

      2. I’d prefer you’d not use “crazy” as an insult here, please.

  5. 7

    Yeah, I’ve dealt with these asshats before. Unfortunately for them, black feminists, skeptics, Marxists or really anyone with even a basic understanding of sociology or history can hand these dipshits their ass.

    They’re basically what would happen if you mixed shit from David Avocado Wolfe with MRA talking points and entitlement with tweeked racial ideas ripped straight off of Stormfront.

  6. rq

    I was wondering which blog was yours, and here you are. (New reader, but we have had online interaction via at least two of your co-bloggers on other social media platforms.) I look forward to more of your writing.

  7. 9

    We’ve been discussing it, I’ll not insult all men by calling it a man, it’s a human insult to humanity, over at Pharyngula and your blog got linked in.

    I’m just wondering though, wasn’t blackk a mistake and blackkk was intended?

    On another point, there seems to be a bit of mathematically challenged going on, as one who is also mathematically challenged, I find it fascinating.
    Let’s see now, three menses, 28 days apart and in 60 days, there will be three cycles. Not, I’m not great at math either, but 60 days is around two months, not looking good. 28 x 3, calculator says 84.
    As I said, I’m really not great at math, but isn’t 84 larger than 60?
    I’m so seriously tempted to look the chucklehead up in real life and ask.
    I’m not worried if he attempted violence, I’m retired SF, I’d get to walk away intact and besides, it’s been my experience that the fight ends when the elbow bends in the wrong direction.

    As for race, there is only one race in man, the human race. For a separate race to exist, interbreeding would either produce no issue or mules. That isn’t so, hence, there is only one race in man.
    That leaves only two races on the planet, the human race and the rat race. The latter, I despise. 😉

  8. 11

    So being gay is terrible and single moms are a cause. So the Hoteps are doing their very best to promote black men only impregnating one woman in their life, and staying with her at least until the children are all grown up, right? Wouldn’t want to be causing any of that single motherhood, right? No? That isn’t logic so much as a way to blame other people for stuff they don’t like? Colour me surprised.

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