Fashionably Late Hellos

Greetings, cats and kittens! I’m Feminace, also known as Niki, also known as “Human Provider of Treats and Pats” (at least to the cat). Welcome to the hot mess I’ve named Seriously?!?

The name comes from the fact that I say “seriously?” a lot when I look at the world and how it turns.  There’s so much going on that is so very, very fucked up, so when I get annoyed or amused enough, I dump it here.

Here you’ll find my ramblings about reproductive rights, my time as a clinic escort, race, disability, poverty, the occasional gaming post, and the not-so-occasional mental illness post.

Hope you enjoy, first post is coming up in about an hour.

And here’s a picture of my cat, Weasel:

He's on my HAND, you guys  I can't leave!
He’s on my HAND, you guys I can’t leave!
Fashionably Late Hellos
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4 thoughts on “Fashionably Late Hellos

  1. rq

    I see those paws-with-claws oh-so-innocently on your wrist, there. Yeah.
    “I dare you to move!”
    The wee little cute face, though….

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