Expectation in the Atheism Movement

(I’m going to be talking about atheism and maybe Dawkins and perhaps some SJW stuff.  Here’s your warning: Read my comment policy and yes, it applies to you.

Come at me with anything trying to defend Dawkin’s fuck ups, and your comment won’t even make it through moderation.  Come at me with anything accusing SJWs or whatever of trying to take over atheism or forcibly turn everyone into feminists or whatever conspiracy theory you pulled out of your ass, and your comment won’t make it out of moderation. Try to tell me how you don’t see a ‘movement’ or a reason for a movement, and you see where this is going.

Who knows, I might let it through just to mock you…and block you.  Depends on my mood.

Your arguments are boring, have been heard before, and I don’t care to entertain them here.  Take your Frozen Peaches elsewhere.)


The irony of Dawkin’s smug ass face on featured image of this article is overwhelming as fuck.  And people have been sharing it so much on Facebook that it makes me ill.

Now let me let some of you in on what is apparently a secret in the atheism movement: A lot of us managed to figure out this whole ‘no gods’ thing and/or the evolution thing without touching a single one of this man’s books or hearing him talk. We owe him nothing.

I would bet you good money that a lot of those people are poor, not college educated, racial minorities, queer and/or women. Again, we owe the fucker NOTHING, so in my particular case, I feel no qualms about calling him out when he done fucked up.

(and before anyone mentions it, I hope he recovers from his recent stroke.  He’s still a fucker, doubly so for trying to blame it on the stress by ‘fellow’ left leaning feminist who he deliberately stirred up recently.  So fuck him.)

You know, in light of the re-invite by NECSS, I think the folks in organized atheism really ought to be trying to get involved with actual inclusivity instead of pushing away some of us away by constantly licking the taint of their “Horsemen” because money and/or media exposure. No matter how shit their opinions are or have become about things that also matter, you know, like feminism and racism.

And the exclusion of most marginalized people has been so obvious that it’s breathtaking. Why should conferences have to be told to provide childcare like it’s some kind of gift instead of just a fucking given? Why do people saying stuff like “It sure would be nice to not have all of our gatherings in a bar late at night somewhere where transit doesn’t run or run well” such a radical thing to ask for? Why are big name conventions completely out of the realm for anyone below a certain income? Why do these conventions keep inviting accused rapists and known Islamophobes and anti-feminists? Don’t they know how unwelcoming that really is?

(and at this point, someone may mention that there are people in those categories that I listed above who are perfectly okay with how things are. Good for them. I’m talking about what needs to be done to make organized atheism more welcoming to others like them. So you don’t have to mention it.)

That’s why I support smaller, more social justice oriented secular conferences. Ones that allow talk about social justice issues, ones who have accommodations like gender neutral bathrooms and childcare and quiet rooms – as a given. Ones who take direct responsibility when there’s a fuck up. Ones run by people who try and succeed in having as much of a diverse panel as they can. Ones that give a fuck about actually making atheism inclusive, rather than some special club that you have to adjust yourself to fit in, or have read the right books, or what the fuck ever.

Ones that the big boys probably don’t even know exist.

And on one hand, that’s fucking sad. They should.  It’s where the young folks are, you know, the future our of movement?

On the other hand, it’s the sort of atheism that we need so badly. An atheism that goes beyond “I don’t believe in gods”. One that goes past the dictionary definition and into “Now what do I do about it?”.

That’s the atheism I’m interested in. The one that tries to make the world a better place without god. If that’s not yours, fine (okay, not fine, but I’m not going to waste time arguing with you), but get the fuck out of my way.


Expectation in the Atheism Movement

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    I’m a black atheist as well, and I’m very much over Dawkins and his legion of hypocritical, sexist, generally fucked up apologists. He writes some nice books and makes a name for himself, so now we have to tolerate all the garbage that spews out of his pie-hole? I don’t think so. I agree with that prick about one thing. That doesn’t make him my hero. I wish he’d get off Twitter and stop making atheists look bad. People think he’s the Pope of Atheism or something, so the shit he says fucks all of us up.

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    Great message, thank you!
    Sorry, a bit of OCD: “our of” in the 3rd last paragraph -> “of our”
    — You may delete this otherwise-useless comment after you’ve fixed the typo. 😉

    1. 4.1

      I’m letting your comment pass, Gerald, because A) You were nice about it and B) it gives me a chance to explain something.

      I make typos all the time. I try to read through a post at least twice, but my brain will skip over stuff like you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes I even catch them after I hit publish.

      And sometimes I like them slide, because unless it changes the meaning of the phrase, sentence, whatever, most people will know that point I’m trying to make anyway.

      I thank you for pointing it out, and I might change it, but if seeing typos is a problem for you, then boy oh boy is the rest of this blog going to make your teeth itch. 🙂

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    I’m not all that brave about my religion or lack thereof–it would still shock my little old mother–but Dawkins has been a huge reason for not, because I’m not ready to tell people off if they accidentally associate me with him. You, on the other hand, do this awesomely. 😀 #teamnikirants #teamnikiwrites

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