Welfare: A Falcon-Punching Rant

We interrupt this series of “shit what was in my brain while in-patient” for a rant:

I swear on my bowl of cereal that the next person who breathes in my direction about how ‘easy’ it is to get or stay on ‘welfare’ is getting Falcon-punched right in the groin.


If they knew just how fucking difficult it actually was, they’d shut the entire fuck up.  Lost documents, lack of information, phone calls, phone calls, waiting music, on hold, full waiting rooms waiting for your number to come up all to feed and care for you and yours. It’s time and worry and fear and documents to fax or mail or drop off.

If you’re someone like me, with GAD and a general hatred of using my phone as a phone, this is a special sort of hell.  Fuck, attempting to work with all of my mental/physical shit was less hell than this.  Almost.


So now I’m currently in limbo thanks to my hospital stay and someone outright lying to me over the damned phone. No food money, no general aid, while they fuck around like Keystone Fucking Cops.  Can you imagine every six months having to justify your salary?  Not a raise, but literally “if you don’t cough up a ton of info, you will never get paid again”.  Could you?

And of course, I have no savings, because get this – have too much in a bank account and you’re seen as doing alright. I’m surprised just having an account doesn’t disqualify me.

*deep breath*

Don’t worry.  I’m not in too dire straits, thank fuck. I’m lucky.  I still have a roof over my head and food stocked up while they take their sweet time to figure my really not that difficult shit out.  I’m lucky.  Just irritated.

For those still suck in the mindset of “lazy welfare cheats”, just try to think about that.  About this.

Welfare: A Falcon-Punching Rant
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