“…It’s still rape” and Other Things I Can’t Believe I Have to Say

I can’t believe I have to say this.

Statutory rape IS rape.

Statutory rape is STILL statutory rape even if the victim identifies as male.

Statutory rape is STILL statutory rape even if it matches your “hot for older women” fantasies.

It’s still rape.

It’s still rape.


No, really, hordes of men who flood any mention of the linked story, or any time a female teacher is caught boning one of her male students to argue that it’s not rape, that it needs another name, that boy deserves a medal because hubba-hubba, it’s still rape.

First of all, no one invited your boner in this conversation. No one gives a shit if you wished your teacher would have banged you in the back of her car.  Gross.  Stop it.  Put it away.

Second of all, you’re a double standard having piece of shit.  If the victim were a girl, most of you throwback would be chomping at the bit to arrest the dude (you know, if you also weren’t fantasizing about boning a girl).  You’re more than willing to deny teenage girls their sexuality/fantasies while just assuming “all boys are horny all the time and it’s doing them a favor to fuck them”. This isn’t a fucking porno flick. Eww. Stop it. Put it away.

There’s a reason why we have these laws in place – to punish older fucks who can’t keep their hands to themselves.  Because they’re supposed to.  Because we assume with age comes some sort of maturity and self-control.  And when that doesn’t happen, we punish those who aren’t capable of that maturity and self-control. No matter their gender.

This isn’t me denying teens their sexuality.  I may be ace, but I’m far from ignorant about being a teenager. But we can’t suss out how to legally (or even as a society) handle teens and other teens getting together when one’s close to the age of majority and the complications therein when we can’t even get a plain as day violation of a rape law through some folks’ skulls.  This is basic shit, and it’s basic shit we have to deal with every time this comes up.  Because some fucks can’t see past their boners.

Gross.  Stop it. Put it away.

“…It’s still rape” and Other Things I Can’t Believe I Have to Say
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2 thoughts on ““…It’s still rape” and Other Things I Can’t Believe I Have to Say

  1. 1

    Oh, so in your mind, the bigger, stronger boy that held me down and raped my behind until he had enough, didn’t harm me any more than if the pretty teacher I had a crush on had agreed to give me a bj like I fantasized? Both events are equal in your mind?

    See, I’m thinking that enjoying a consensual sexual encounter is different than screaming and begging while it feels like a hot knife is being stabbed into my rectum. It turns out I’m just a juvenile idiot. I wish the awareness of my stupidity could erase the shame I feel, but it doesn’t.

    The trauma of being held down and forced, when I’m supposed to be able to defend myself (real men defend themselves), is the same as if I asked for sex and got it from an older woman?

    Walking home after getting the blowjob I wanted from that pretty older lady would have been just as painful as limping home in extreme pain, shame, and disgust? In that case, thank God I never got my “hot teacher fantasy” to come true. I had no idea how much it would hurt, or that I would cry until there were no tears left after that pretty lady pleasured me. You have enlightened me with your brilliant insight. Thank you.

    I guess I’m an idiot, because I do think there’s a significant difference between the two events from the victim’s perspective, and what they had to deal with. I do think one will be traumatized for life and the other will have fond memories. I haven’t lived through both, since the older women I had crushes on never consented to sex with me.

    Since you can’t tell the difference between the two events and can’t even use two different terms (rape is rape, right idiots?), I’m jealous of you. I wish I could just put it behind me like a consensual sexual encounter I had asked for but was not legal.

    I’m suffering every day because I’m not as smart as you. Is there a pill I can take, or a book I can read to get as smart as you so I can stop waking up in the night thinking about this? Give me the title and I’ll read it.

    1. 1.1

      Actually, Hurt, I said nothing about comparing one legal rape with another. I understand you are hurting, but please do not put words in my mouth.

      From one victim to another, I am terribly sorry you are in such pain and I wish you the best in healing. There are many places online that are created for victims to share their stories and help with that suffering.

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