Basic Shit Season starts early!

I posted this on my Facebook page, in light of this shit, and it got a good response, so here I shall share it with everyone:


Okay, since it seems the season is starting early, let’s get this over with.

Tis the season for spooky things and costumes and adults indulging in their inner child or outer adult, depending on the sort of parties you may attend. It is also the season that make some POC very, very nervous.
Let me be very, very clear. As I will probably be posting the various fuckups that are enviable, I will not be hosting the “is this cultural appropriation or appreciation” debate on this Wall, for that is basic shit, and I’ll be in the mood to discuss basic shit for free around Neveraury 32nd. Remember to mark your calendars.

Here’s a few freebies, just because I’m a loving, caring individual (WARNING: One woman’s opinion. I could be wrong):
No, dating/marrying/fucking someone of another race is not appropriation
No, learning the proper way to wear a kimono/sari/hijab/etc. and then doing so is not appropriation.
No, cosplay is not appropriation
No, exploring the cuisines of different cultures is not appropriation.
Neither is learning/speaking another language, songs, stories, and so on.

What IS appropriation, and what most folks get our collective shorts in a twist is the “let’s slap on a geisha/PocaHotAss/”terrorist”/”fly girl”/whatever the fuck caricature of a culture for shits, giggles, and funsies. What is appropriation is taking a style or a look, exploiting it, and wearing it like a costume. What is appropriation is black/brown/yellow/redface. THAT IS NEVER OKAY.

Now if there is anything more anyone wants to know, and feels it is necessary that I be the one telling you, I’ll be more than happy to offer Basic Ass Shit 101. Last year I offered this for $100, but times have changed and I could use the money, so I have expanded to several levels and raised the price:

  • For $200, you get the Basic Ass Shit package, a list of links, books, vids, podcasts, and anything else I can slap together for you in about an hour, put it in an email, and send it to you. You get to ask two questions that I will answer.
  • For $300, I will do the exact same thing, and I’ll even cut out the condescending attitude.
  • For $400, I’ll cut out the cursing. And throw in a picture of my cat. And you get one extra question.

Please direct all payments to my PayPal account [Redacted] And I look forward to a peaceful, yet infuriating Halloween season.
Oh, and no refunds.

Basic Shit Season starts early!